36 Texts To Send Dad On Father’s Day That’ll Make Him Smile, Laugh, & Feel So Loved

Cue the happy tears, because there are so many things you can, and should, celebrate right now. There are the silly jokes, the life lessons, and the family vacations at the beach that wouldn’t have been the same without your dad or the dad figure in your life. There are the nights you went on father-daughter dinner dates, and watched an action-packed movie at the theater. Most importantly, there’s the person in your life, who may or may not be related to you by blood, but has been there to support you since day one. He deserves a party, a quality breakfast, or one of these texts to send Dad on Father’s Day that’ll make him smile, laugh, and feel so loved.

Can you agree? Of course. You really don’t know what you would do without your dad, and all the advice and guidance that he’s given you over the years. When you were searching for your first apartment, he asked the tough questions like, "What amenities come with the place," and "Are there any utilities included?" After signing a leasing contract, he helped you move your belongs and unpack your boxes. Believe it or not, he even taught you how to make his famous macaroni and cheese, so that you’d never go hungry or without a home-cooked meal.

Since then, he’s come over when he wants to catch up or share a cup of coffee, and texts you on the reg. He sends you memes, relatable and funny tweets, and pictures from when you and your siblings were little. Occasionally, he’ll send you a heartfelt message, too — a quick reminder that he loves you and is so proud of how far you’ve come. (You’re doing life and adulting like a pro!)

Those messages always make you smile, reach for the tissues next to your bed, and think, "Wow, I’m incredibly lucky." This Father’s Day, you want to return the love and send your dad a message that’ll make him laugh or feel the same way. Here’s a few that I think will do the trick.

To make your dad smile:

1. "I love you to the moon and back."

2. "Thank you for everything, Dad."

3. "Sometimes your texts don’t make sense, but it’s OK. I still love them and you."

4. "I love how we don’t have to say out loud that I’m your favorite child."

5. "You’ve given me so much to be grateful for."

6. "You are, hands down, my favorite person and my best friend."

7. "I think it’s time to admit it: I’m so awesome because of you."

8. "The world needs some more people like you."

9. "I’m going to send your selfie to NASA, because you’re a star."

10. "This may sound cheesy, but I think you’re really grate."

11. "They’re right when they say, ‘Like father, like daughter.’"

12. "My motto has always been: If at first you don’t succeed, then call dad. Thanks for picking up the phone every time."

To make your dad laugh out loud:

13. "I love you more than burritos. That’s some serious love."

14. "Without me, today is just another day. You’re welcome."

15. "In case you didn’t know, you did a grape job raisin me."

16. "I donut know what I’d do without you and your love for sweets."

17. "Dad, you are my father."

18. "Hey, thanks for always listening to me when I’m stressed."

19. "I don’t know much about baseball, but my dad is a total catch."

20. "I mustard you a question. How did you get so awesome?"

21. "You’re my favorite. Don’t tell Mom."

22. "Just wanted to let you know that I’ll always laugh at your jokes, even if they’re not funny."

23. "I was in a bit of a pickle trying to figure out what to get you for Father’s Day. Then, I realized you already have me."

24. "Stay cool, Dad. It’s a hot one out there today."

To make your dad feel so loved:

25. "Because of you, growing up was so beautiful and fun."

26. "The real heroes of the world are dads, and I’m so lucky to have two, who have always been there for me."

27. "I’ve traveled to a lot of places, so I can confidently say that you’re the best dad in the world."

28. "You taught me to chase after my dreams, and that’s by far the greatest gift you’ve ever given me — next to being my dad."

29. "The best feeling is knowing that I’m a little piece of you."

30. "Some people don’t believe in superheroes, but they haven’t met my incredible dad."

31. "Everything you do for me doesn’t go unnoticed."

32. "Seriously, I couldn’t have done this whole life thing without you."

33. "You mean everything and more to me."

34. "When life gets tough, I come to you for some advice and a hug, and it solves everything."

35. "You deserve the best day ever, like, every day."

36. "Hope your day’s as wonderful as you."

Whether your dad or the dad figure in your life lives near or far away, these texts will make sure that he smiles, laughs, and feels so loved on Father’s Day. They’ll remind him that you’re so grateful for him, his dad jokes, and latest theories on the Game of Thrones finale. They’ll also be something he can screenshot and look back on, if he’s ever doubting that he’s your real-life superhero.

Truly, he is your rock and the person that you go to when you need some valuable lessons on life. He’s your constant reminder to be a kid sometimes, stand up for yourself, and tell a joke even if it’s cheesy. He’ll appreciate these messages — I know that for sure. Just don’t wait to put together your words and get your draft ready, because Father’s Day and the happy tears are basically here.

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