5 Best Cycling Gloves 2020 | The Sun UK

NOT having the right cycling gloves can make or break a ride, especially during the winter months when your hands are exposed to the elements.

But they are much more than an essential accessory for colder climes and can come in handy year-round.

Cycling gloves come in a variety of designs, and it’s possible to get a different set for each type of activity – be it mountain biking, road cycling or commuting.

For example, cycling mitts – gloves without full-length fingers – are a favourite amongst road cyclists looking for some extra padding for their hands during summer rides, while off-road-specific sets tend to feature protection against any mud, branches or gravel you’re likely to encounter on the trails.

Many modern cycling gloves include a panel on the index finger to make them touch screen compatible – enabling you to keep them on when using your phone.

There is a huge amount of cycling gloves on the market though, so it can be overwhelming when trying to find the perfect set. Help is at hand though, so read on to see our picks for the best cycling gloves currently on the market.

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