56-year-old woman looks 10 years younger after skin transformation I was a hermit before

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Kathleen explained her face had become very “bronzed” from sitting in the garden with the dogs. “What I initially thought was a bronzed glow was really having an ageing effect on my skin. It was very dry and starting to look a little leathery with lots of new wrinkles.”

Kathleen said before the treatment, she was “a bit of hermit”.

She explained: “Like a lot of people, I had been working from home due to the pandemic and due to having very few social interactions with others, it makes you become a little more introverted and set in your ways, and also, that lack of human contact actually zaps your confidence and life skills.”

Kathleen admitted she “would always avoid having photographs taken whether in a group setting, at a celebration or out with friends”.

“I would always ‘volunteer to take the photo’, so I didn’t have to be in it, or would hide at the back so I could blend in plain sight,” she explained.

The 56-year-old then decided to book a treatment at Dermaspa.

“As I hadn’t been to a salon for many years, I was a little apprehensive, but the staff were so welcoming and professional that I instantly felt at ease,” she said.

Kathleen explained she “had some very fixed ideas of what I thought I needed (fillers and Botox) to improve how I looked”.

What bothered her the most about how she looked was that she had “a lot of age spots and freckles”, as she spent a lot of the time in the garden and outdoors.

“My skin was very dry, dull and crepey… with dark circles around my eyes, and starting to droop around my mouth and jawline. I also had saggy eyelids, crow’s feet and crepey skin on my neck, which was affecting my mental wellbeing and health. I wanted my skin to look firmer, fresher and rejuvenated; reducing the wrinkles and dark circles,” she explained.

The spa consultant recommended her a treatment to rejuvenate and improve her skin through a Lumecca IPL laser skin hyperpigmentation treatment.

The laser treatment would “evaporate” the freckles caused by sun damage, to give clearer, brighter and fresher skin.

The treatment would also have a tightening effect, to improve the firmness and texture of Kathleen’s skin and combined with CollagenWave and SkinPen Microneedling, the treatment would increase the collagen in the skin, improve firmness and tighten up the jawline.

The consultant said Kathleen didn’t need fillers yet as they could change the shape of her face, not necessarily giving her the results she wanted.

She explained: “As I had come with preconceived ideas of what I thought I needed to look better, and not having previous experience of technology-led beauty treatments, I was a little sceptical that these ‘machines’ would make a visible difference. However, I trusted in Nilam’s [the consultant] expertise and completely put myself in her hands. I’m so glad I did! I feel so good about myself!

”Straight after the treatment my face was very red and all the pigmentation had come to the surface, so I was a little scared.

“But after five days it had all melted away and I was thrilled when I saw how clear it was.”

The 56-year-old admitted her life has changed completely since the treatment.

Not only does she look 10 years younger but she has also improved her inner confidence.

Kathleen said: “Since the treatment, instead of caking on concealer to hide skin imperfections, I have a very simple make-up routine, using either just an illuminating cream or a tinted moisturiser, confident that my skin looks good.

“Although people might say it’s just a ‘beauty treatment’, it can’t change your life, I would say it has given me an external glow, which has created inner confidence, and as a rather shy person, that’s really something!”

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