60 incredible wedding photos that were nominated for awards in 2020

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  • Every two months, Fearless Awards are given to photographers across the world who have taken exceptional wedding photos.
  • The recipients are chosen by a panel of experts at Fearless Photographers, an online platform that helps engaged couples find photographers for their big day.
  • Fearless Photographers estimates that two out of every 100 photos submitted are selected as winners.
  • This year's best photos show emotional brides, couples with their pets, and more.
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Some of this year's winning photos show intimate moments between couples.

Photographer Wilder Córdova captured one couple as they stood illuminated by a star-filled sky underneath a giant tree.

Others showed newlyweds celebrating with dozens of loved ones.

The couple seen in this image, taken by Pasquale Minniti, was surrounded by countless people as they kissed outside their wedding venue.

Joy is tangible in many of the images.

One such photo was taken by Sam Walzade. His winning shot is full of color, and shows a couple dancing as yellow flower petals are thrown through the air around them.

Family members look especially proud of their loved ones.

In a black-and-white photo that shows a bride with her back to the camera, viewers can see one of her loved ones through the sheer fabric of her veil. The woman, captured by photographer Sergio Arnés, is seemingly beaming at the bride.

Some photographers used contrasting colors and scenery to create award-winning shots.

Marius Stoica did just that when he photographed a bride and groom standing face-to-face on a sloping, yellow cliff with trees covered in blue light behind them.

Black-and-white photos were also popular amongst Fearless Award winners.

One winning black-and-white photo was taken by Axel Drenth. His monochrome photograph shows a groom and his friends joyously celebrating with hugs and drinks.

Unique lighting made some of this year's photos stand out from the rest.

Steph Kindermann's shot of two grooms is one of them, as its symmetry and vibrant blue light make for an eye-catching image.

Dogs made adorable and hilarious cameos.

One dog sitting inside a handbag was photographed by Barbara Fabbri. 

Brides and grooms let their emotions show.

One couple shared a sweet moment in which the bride seemed to be comforting her groom ahead of their wedding. Flavio Alvarenga captured the shot.

Couples also embraced the moments when things went wrong.

In his winning photo, Ufuk Sarisen captured a bride grimacing as a bird sat on her head. Her groom also looked confused as he glanced at the animal.

Bridesmaids stole the show in some photos.

One set of bridesmaids wearing blue gowns looked especially thrilled when Paul Woo photographed them getting their first look at the bride.

Other photos showed happy tears.

Arjan van der Plaat's monochrome shot captures a bride standing at the altar with a wide grin and tears streaming down her cheeks.

Some pets didn't seem to understand that they were attending weddings.

One dog even mistook the train of a bride's dress for a toy and chased it through a field, as seen in Valter Antunes' winning shot.

Many couples were all smiles at the altar.

Photographer Marc Bergreen stood in front of one bride and groom as they held hands and exchanged grins in front of the officiant.

Photographers used aerial techniques to capture unique shots of those in love.

Gerardo Ojeda was one of them. The photographer took this stunning photo of a couple as they walked along a beach.

Some brides posed solo for stunning portraits.

Photographer Megan Gielow took a photo of a bride in a halter-style wedding dress standing in a forest.

Colorful scenery made impressive photos look even more eye-catching.

Just look at this colorful shot from photographer Donatas Uf. It shows a bride and groom laying on a bridge, with colorful plants and water beneath them.

But even in black-and-white, unique settings made for incredible shots.

Photographer Jan van de Maat captured a couple as they drove away from their wedding with their hands in the air. The picture is especially stunning thanks to the surrounding trees and beams of light falling from the sky.

Even cloudy weather didn't stop photographers from taking amazing photos.

Photographer Amar Ramesh took this shot of a couple running towards an orange-and-white church underneath a cloud-filled sky.

Some of the sweetest photos show smiles, tears, and other emotions.

This black-and-white shot from James Nix is especially heartwarming. It shows a groom tearing up while his groomsmen smile at him and his bride.

Many photographers highlighted couples from far distances.

One person who did so is Jason Vinson. From a distance, he photographed a couple as they stood in front of a building surrounded by trees and illuminated by orange lights.

Close-up shots, on the other hand, helped photographers capture the details of emotional moments.

Megan Allen's portrait shows a bride crying as she hugged a love one, seemingly ahead of her wedding.

There was no shortage of breathtaking images among this year's Fearless Award winners.

Just take a look at this bride swinging over a foggy landscape in her wedding dress. The shot was taken by Antunes.

Young wedding attendees made comical appearances.

When Babet Trommelen photographed a couple mid-kiss, she also captured a young child looking up at them with a puzzled expression.

So did the pets of brides and grooms.

Fabio Mirulla photographed an orange cat as it clung to a bride's veil. Luckily, the bride seemed to laugh while a bridesmaid attempted to pull the animal away.

Love was expressed in a variety of ways.

The couple seen in Juyá Gentil's photograph are both overcome with emotion. One man is seen wiping tears from his eyes, while the other plants a kiss on his groom's head.

Even when standing in the background, brides remained the center of attention.

On first glance, you might think Etka Rekhi's photograph focuses on wedding guests and their lace umbrellas. With a closer look, however, you can spot a bride smiling in the background.

Loved ones were always by the sides of brides and grooms, even during their most emotional moments.

As one bride cried while reading a letter and having her hair done, a loved one held her hand and comforted her. Matthew Sowa captured the shot.

Unique wedding activities were captured on camera.

It's common for brides to throw their bouquets for their bridesmaids to catch. But one bride, photographed by Bertrand Roguet, chose to throw it to her bridesmaids as they rode horses.

Multiple elements came together to create the perfect photos.

Stefy Hilmer's award-winning photo stands out for a variety of reasons: its black-and-white color scheme, the large crowd seen in the image, and the contrast of the bright outdoors with the darker wedding venue. 

Nothing says marriage like brides, grooms, and confetti.

Lea Torrieri photographed all three in one shot: a groom kissing his bride as white confetti surrounded them.

Some photos show family members of multiple generations celebrating together.

Photographer Andras Rabloczky captured that in his monochrome image of a bride and one of her loved ones embracing.

Photographers didn't hesitate when jumping into the thick of wedding activities.

Photographer Divyam Mehrotra seemingly found himself in the middle of falling flower petals to get this shot of a bride and groom.

They were also there for personal moments between brides, grooms, and their families.

Panpa Martinez seemingly captured an elder relative of a bride speaking to the groom.

Some young attendees seemed like they'd rather be anywhere else.

When Gabriel Scharis photographed a bride and her bridesmaids getting ready for the big day, he also captured a young child with her arms crossed and an angry expression on her face.

The weather helped to make some photos look even more special.

Photographer David Clumpner used a night sky and snow fall to highlight the dancing bride and groom seen in his photo.

Some photographers were able to capture two heartwarming moments in one photo.

Vincenzo Scardina's winning photo shows a bride and her friends posing for a selfie, while the groom is thrown into the air by his friends in the background.

Symmetry was popular in many of the winning Fearless Awards photos.

The shape of the bride and groom in Oier Aso Poza's photo mirrors the unique rock formation seen next to them.

Reflections also helped to show various perspectives in one photo.

A smiling bride is the focus of Alvarenga's photo. But through the the passenger-side window of her car, you can also see the reflection of an older family member wiping away his tears.

Of course, many weddings wouldn't be the same without some champagne.

Frank Ullmer photographed a groom and his friends opening a bottle of the bubbly beverage as they sat on the ledge of a window.

A few couples let nature take center stage in their wedding photos.

Photographer Jason Tey illuminated one bride and groom with the help of a purple-hued sky, countless stars, and even the milky way.

Others supported their family members when they became overcome with emotion.

One man seemingly had the support of his loved ones as he cried during a wedding, as seen in Junqian Wang's photo.

Fireworks always make for showstopping photos.

Two men wearing blue suits shared similar expressions as bright-red fireworks exploded above them. Melissa Suneson was there to capture the moment on camera.

Some photographers used blurring techniques to keep all eyes on the bride and groom.

In Jos Woodsmith's winning photo, a bride and groom are seen joyfully embracing on the dance floor. Wedding attendees can also be seen in the blurred background.

Some dogs got dressed up for the occasion.

Minniti photographed a suit-clad dog as he licked the face of a bride ahead of her wedding.

Wedding traditions were captured on camera.

For decades, people have thrown rice during weddings to express their well wishes and hopes for newlyweds. Photographer Stefano Ferrier showed this tradition in his winning photo.

Photographers followed brides and grooms wherever they went, even into the ocean.

Jonatan Rodríguez did just that to capture this stunning shot of a bride and groom as a wave crashed over them.

They also made sure to photograph others who were taking their own photos.

Daniel West's winning image shows someone leaning over a railing to photograph a group.

Couples weren't afraid to mess up their hair or clothes to help get the perfect shot.

One bride and group even lay in the sand as waves rolled around them so that photographer Marcos Sanchez could capture this aerial image.

Animated facial expressions brought black-and-white photos to life.

This image from Sowa show's a smiling bride, a surprised bridesmaid, a confused child, and more all in one shot.

Other photos were all about the small details.

Marius Dragan's unique shot stands out thanks to the bride's colorful dress, her vibrant bouquet, and the small cat walking beside her.

Rather than hiding from rain, couples and photographers embraced the elements.

Gielow even photographed a bride and groom throwing their umbrellas to the side as they stood at the altar.

Even the worrisome moments made for funny photos.

When a bee began to circle a bride, photographer Yves Schepers was there to photograph the groom swatting it away.

Some small interactions might not have been noticed without the help of photographers.

Matteo Carta's winning shot is the perfect example. He photographed a man kneeling to hold hands and speak with an older wedding guest.

You can never have too many colorful wedding shots.

This winning photo from Minniti is especially vibrant.

The same goes for black-and-white photos.

Monochrome images like this one taken by Raman El Atiaoui show that black and white shades can enhance a unique setting and intimate subjects.

Some of the winning photos look like they were taken on another planet.

Only a bride, groom, blue sky, and sand dunes are seen in Sabina Mladin's photo.

Others make you feel as though you're attending the wedding yourself.

Julien Roman took this shot from the perspective of a wedding guest, making it feel as though you're standing behind the bride and groom to watch fireworks in the sky.

Even when you can't see their faces, you can feel the love between couples.

Jonathan Sylvoz's winning shot is a great example. With rolling fog and an illuminated background, the intimacy and emotion of this couple becomes tangible. 

Pets were always welcome, no matter how big or small.

William Lambelet had a chance to photograph some of the largest pets out there: horses. He captured two of the animals sniffing a bride and groom as they sat on an outdoor couch.

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