Alicia Silverstone Reveals We've Been Mispronouncing Her Name All Along

“It doesn’t bother me though!”

It looks like some of Alicia Silverstone’s fans have been a little “Clueless.”

On Thursday, the actress shared a video on her TikTok profile in which she revealed people have been mispronouncing her name and shared the correct pronunciation.

Alicia Silverstone Joins TikTok By Recreating Iconic Clueless Scene

In the clip, Alicia, 44, stitched TikTok user Mahogany Lox, who said, “Tell me what your name is and then tell me what people mispronounce it as.”

Alicia then shared, “My name is Ali-see-yuh. Ali-see-yuh. Not Ali-sha.”

“Just an FYI… It’s Ali-SEE-yuh,” she captioned the clip. She also added a comment, writing, “It doesn’t bother me though! But my sweet mama didn’t like it… so for her… get it right! Ali-SEE-yuh.”

Many fans took to the comments section to admit that they had been pronouncing the “Batman and Robin” star’s name incorrectly.

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Alicia even responded to a few fans, including Mahogany, who thanked her for stitching her video.

“Clueless is one of my all time fav movies,” wrote Mahogany, who is the younger sister of LMFAO’s SkyBlu and niece of Redfoo. “I even got a white jeep and named it Cher!!! my heart.”

“So cute,” Alicia replied.

“The Crush” actress also shared the clip on Instagram and Twitter. Meanwhile, the video has already been viewed 6.8 million times on TikTok. Check it out, above!

Alicia made her TikTok debut last week by recreating a classic scene from “Clueless.”

Last Friday, “The Baby-Sitters Club” star joined the social media platform with a hilarious take on the scene of Cher Horowitz describing what high school boys are like before she is rudely confronted by one herself.

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Alicia even donned a version of her iconic yellow plaid blazer from the 1995 comedy that catapulted her to fame. And she got a little help from her son Bear, 10.

In the short clip, the star struts towards the camera as No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” plays in the background. Bear, who she co-parents with her ex Christopher Jarecki, quickly pops into the frame before Alicia shrugs him off, lip-syncing to her own dialogue, “Ew, get off of me! Ugh, as if!” Bear then comes back in the scene for a hug and kiss from his adoring mom.

The footage — which has garnered over 37.9 million views — was captioned, “Ugh! As if… I wouldn’t join TikTok.” Alicia also shared it to her Instagram as well, writing, “I guess I’m on TikTok now🤷🏼‍♀️💛😘 #Clueless.”

A few days later, “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” star posted a TikTok of a fan edit of the clip, in which the user had edited her recreation of the “Clueless” scene with the original.

In the caption, Alicia thanked TikTok for “the incredible welcome.”

“I’m totally feeling the love🥰 ,” she wrote.

Although the star has only been on TikTok for a week, she already has 2.1 followers — and counting!

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