Best Posture Corrector 2019 | The Sun UK

A GOOD posture is essential to stop people from slouching, to prevent back and neck pain as well as muscle tension.

While it is easy to slump on the sofa, and everyone does it, there are affordable tools that can help you stand, or sit, up straight.

So what are the best posture correctors to buy this year?

While the NHS recommends people to make a conscious effort to stand with their back straight, not to slough when they are sitting down, but also try to avoid standing with their bottom out or chin up, there are tools to help you even more.

There are a vast array of pieces of equipment to help, including additions to chairs, as well as stand up desks.

For those who need a little extra support a supportive bra or brace may be for you, although kinesiology tape is also tipped to be a life saviour.

Although it is all well and good making changes in the day time, it is also paramount to work on your posture when you sleep, which is why a supportive mattress is a must have.

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