Big Brother Blowout: Can Veto Save Tiffany or Hannah or Will Guys Dominate?

It’s the guys vs. the gals in the “Big Brother” house and it all comes down to the Power of Veto to determine which way the power will likely swing for the rest of the season.

We knew this Head of Household win would determine the direction of the House for the rest of this season of “Big Brother,” but there was still a glimmer of a chance for the ladies after Kyland put Hannah and Tiffany on the Block.

One of them winning Veto and taking themselves off the Block is all well and good, but Kyland would likely just replace them with Azah and keep voting power with the guys, who look to be holding strong together.

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As for Azah, it’s not even clear if she would vote with the gals. She’s been probably closer to the guys most of the season. At the same time, she’s the only hope for the women. If she can win Veto and take off one of the nominees, Kyland has to put up a guy and that gives the ladies voting numbers.

All season long, we’ve seen The Cookout face impossible odds and intricate scenarios that have to play out just right for them to move forward. And time and again, we’ve seen them beat those odds and orchestrate a masterful season.

Now, though, The Cookout is no more and it’s become this gender divide in the House. Kyland gave the power to the guys and if he can get his target Tiffany out of the House, he can give them the numbers moving forward.

And with Kyland and Xavier both incredibly strong in competitions throughout the season, they’ve got a strong chance of solidifying their dominance and running away with the game until Final 3. Then they’d likely cut Derek F and Xavier would win the whole thing — it’s so odd Kyland thinks he can beat X at the end (there’s that ego again).

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Power of BB Comics

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It’s been BB Comics all week long, but this was the most iconic competition of them all, showcasing all 16 Houseguests as comic book superheroes. We were loving all of the crazy costumes and covers — though not as much as the Houseguests were loving Alyssa’s bikini-themed comic book.

We’re not sure they enjoyed looking at her as much when she was in the House in a bikini in the flesh as they did this superhero comic book cover. As always, the covers were an absolute hoot, and a big distraction for the Houseguests.

This competition also revealed two unknown truths about this season so far. Xavier has touted over and over again that he’s been throwing competitions all season long, but we’re quickly learning that when it comes to memory and attention to detail, he is downright horrible.

Maybe Kyland is the only dominant comp beast left in this game.

The other thing we’re learning this week is that Derek F is getting better and better in these competitions. This one involved climbing a ladder, riding a zip line, memorizing fine details and arranging comics on a “laptop” wall.

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Derek F beat out Hannah by a single second — the second competition of the season after Sarah Beth’s victory over Derek X to have such a slim margin. Unfortunately for Big D, though, Kyland smoked both of them by several minutes, nabbing total control this week.

Still, it’s a testament to Big D starting to rise at just the right time. Like Azah, the House largely thinks of him as expendable and incapable of winning anything. But with competition dwindling, they may yet surprise everyone — including themselves.

As for Kyland, Tiffany certainly gave it her all with a pitch putting her entire game in his hands, but it was never going to be the right pitch for Kyland because it was still about Tiffany, about her humbling herself and even groveling. But she didn’t appeal to his ego.

Tiffany has played a masterful game on almost every front, but she’s never gotten a good read on how to work with Kyland, or even how to manipulate him, and that appears poised to become her downfall. She came up with the whole Cookout duos strategy, and that only helped to put the target on her back.

Plus, like Kyland, she has been the only Cookout member to show tendencies to think for herself and her own game in a way that’s transparent to everyone else. Unfortunately for her, he’s the one in power right now. Were the tables reversed, he’d likely be the target for the same reasons.

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Houseguest Report Cards

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Xavier Prather (27) is sitting back and letting Kyland do the dirty work for him. As it currently stands, Kyland is ready to take him to the end, so he’s got the strongest competitor in the game ready to hand him the money because if Xavier gets there, Xavier wins. It’s as simple as that. And his path is getting clearer and clearer. Grade: A

Kyland Young (30) just tipped the House fully in his favor, positioning himself to sit in one of those two final seats, barring a crazy result on Thursday’s double eviction episode. If one of the women somehow secures power, his house of cards could all come crumbling around him. And if he makes it to the end with X, he loses anyway. But he could beat some of these players. Would he have the wisdom to position himself to actually win? Grade: B

Hannah Chaddha (21) is on the Block right now, but she’s probably in a better position to stay in the House than Tiffany, unless the House convinces the guys that Hannah is the bigger threat to win HOH, so better to boot her now. If she does stay, though, she could disrupt the guys’ plans and even out the numbers again, giving herself a decided advantage toward one of those final seats. Grade: C+

Derek Frazier (29) is coming into his own in the game, and has a strong alliance with the guys. We’re not confident either would take him to the end, but it could happen if they decide they’ve got a better chance of beating him than one another. Xavier does, we’re not so sure about Kyland. If he can forge his own path to the end, he seems determined to ride it out with the boys. Grade: C

Azah Awasum (30) is in a key position in the House, but doesn’t seem to be aware that the guys are working together and will be targeting her immediately after Tiffany and Hannah are gone. The potential craziness of a Double Eviction could really shake things up, and her fate may be sealed anyway with the guys about to gain the numbers advantage, but her only hope is to align with the ladies and hope. Grade: C

Tiffany Mitchell (40) is capable of talking her way out of being the target, but it’s going to be an uphill battle as they know she has the strongest case to win this whole game if she makes it all the way to the finale. Of the Six, we’d say Tiffany wins against any one of them, and we can’t say that for anyone else (Xavier comes closest). Putting The Cookout ahead of her own game ultimately will cost her the game. Grade: D-

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House Chatter

  • “I’m happy that Kyland is getting the blood on his hands because it allows me to survive another week with my hands squeaky clean.” –Xavier (after Kyland nominates Tiffany and Hannah)
  • “I realized there is no scenario where Xavier and Tiffany wanted to move forward in the game together.” –Kyland (tipping his strategy a bit to Hannah)
  • “Why would you care who X is able to coexist with unless you are closely aligned with Xavier? Everything is adding up and I believe that the guys are working together.” –Hannah (about Kyland)
  • “If your goal here is to lose to Xavier and walk out in second place, congratulations because you’re doing amazing, sweetie.” –Hannah (about Kyland)
  • “I kind of felt like I was going up, but I didn’t think you were going up. You’ll be fine.” –Tiffany (to Hannah)
  • “But I want both of us to be fine.” –Hannah
  • “I feel like they’re gonna pick me off next week and then you the week after.” –Hannah (to Azah)
  • “Would you let your kids read this comic?” –Derek F (about Whitney’s BB Comics during POV)
  • “I love my comic. My boobs look great. I really like my boobs.” –Azah (during POV)
  • “Damn, Alyssa. The Bikini Genie make me feel some kind of way, I’m not gonna lie.” –Xavier (during POV)
  • “Somebody’s wrong here and I don’t think it’s me — but it has to be me.” –Xavier (struggling during POV)
  • “Another comp that makes me look great to my clients.” –Xavier
  • “Trav. Remember him, ‘cause I don’t.” –Hannah (about Travis during POV)
  • “Congratulations, Derek, that means you are currently in the lead.” –Kyland (revealing POV results)
  • “I have never heard that in my life.” –Derek F
  • “So obviously, I have to put you up and send you home.” –Kyland (joking to Xavier after winning POV)
  • “As I was aware.” –Xavier

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