Bride whose dad works overtime to help with wedding crowdfunds for more money

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive but if you’re lucky, your parents might help out.

One bride whose sweet old dad started working overtime to help with the costs also took on some side hustles for his beloved daughter.

But there were other expenses – a dress for the reception, dresses for the bridesmaids, hair, makeup, a cake, and a honeymoon – that needed to be covered.

So the bride-to-be decided to crowdfund for the rest of the money. People weren’t too pleased with the request, calling it ‘disgusting’ that her dad was doing the work and she still wanted more help.

A screenshot of her GoFundMe page was shared on a wedding shaming group on Facebook where followers berated the bride for her plea.

Shamers couldn’t understand why the woman insisted on having a ‘dream’ wedding if she and the groom couldn’t afford it, especially as they were already legally married.

The bride wrote on the crowdfunding page: ‘Some things have fell short and most of the financial responsibility has fallen upon my father.

‘I still need a few more things and I don’t want to ask him for more any more money. We still need hair and makeup, a reception dress, bridesmaid dresses, decorations, and a wedding cake.

‘We would like to go on a honeymoon if we can raise enough money,’ she continued.

‘Please consider investing your donation in a couple that will never give up on each other. To a fairy tale.’

Followers of the Facebook page felt the post was entitled and blasted the bride for expecting everyone else to cover the costs.

One person wrote: ‘I find this disgusting, her dad working overtime to pay for her wedding. I would never expect or ask or accept money from my parents for my wedding. She and her husband to be should be ashamed of themselves.’

Others said they should have a wedding they could afford and not rely on other people to help.

‘Have the wedding that you can afford,’ advised one person. ‘If you only have the funds for a dinner with the immediate family then that’s what you have. You don’t ask folks to finance your whims. If anyone should be working overtime and side jobs, it should be the couple to be.’

Some said the wedding was ‘fake’ as they were already legally married. Others called the whole thing pathetic.

Though the shamers on the group slammed her for the cheeky request, her family and friends may have helped her out.

If so, then she’s a lucky woman.

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