Can these ‘Unpolished’ Long Island women rival the ‘Jersey Shore’?

Lexi Martone always knew her “loud, crazy Italian family” would end up on television.

“I’ve been filming my family since I was 10 because we are a bunch of nut jobs,” Martone, 26, tells The Post.

Sixteen years later, Martone — a 3D nail artist with more than 115,000 Instagram followers — and her kin are set to be featured on TLC’s “Unpolished,” premiering Nov. 17 at 10 p.m.

The hourlong show follows Lexi — who has painted the paws of Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez and Jada Pinkett Smith — and her sister Bria — a former competitive dancer who has nicknamed herself “the diva” — as co-owners of their Long Island beauty haven, Salon Martone. Bria, 23, specializes in hair, while their mom, Jennifer, 56, runs the front desk. Grandma Eleanor, 76, known as Foxy, works two days a week cutting hair.

The family’s drama is as over-the-top as their personal style: long, bedazzled nails, flowing hair extensions, mile-high boots and daily outfits that could be seen as extreme even on Halloween. The salon, decorated with black lacquer and metallics, has a rocker-glam vibe that Lexi likes to call “spooky chic.”

“It’s extra. Like me,” Lexi says. “A glam Wednesday Addams.” Now, the Martone family is learning to deal with a new kind of attention.

“I wasn’t prepared for the mean people online calling us ‘tacky “Jersey Shore,” ’ ” Jennifer says. “But we’re also getting Kardashian comparisons, which is like the biggest compliment there is. I love those badass women.”

Lexi, who was drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil, carried sketchbooks with her everywhere before going to nail school to bring her art to life. At 22, she was the first runner-up on Season 2 of the reality show “Next Top Nail Artist.” When she started gaining clients, her uncle built her a salon space in her family’s Dix Hills home. After Bria graduated from cosmetology school, she worked out of the family home too. The sisters even offered spray tans in the basement.

“It was like a strip mall, people in and out of the house all day,” Lexi says. “My mom would be answering the door all day long, and my dad wasn’t happy about having all these people around.”

“I found people in my kitchen eating my chicken out of my fridge,” Jennifer adds. “That was the end of that.”

In March 2016, the girls opened their East Northport salon. Lexi’s prices start at around $175 and can take anywhere from 90 minutes to seven hours. Her creations are all done by hand — “I don’t just stick a plastic bow on there, I create the bow from scratch,” she says. She uses gel and acrylic to craft outré sculptures — spinning pizzas, dry-ice creations and even a 3-D boombox that plays music — she then affixes to nails.

Lexi can only see three to four clients a day, and usually is booked up one to two months in advance, but since the show’s trailers started airing, she’s already booked through February. For Bria, who loves doing color but also sees clients for makeup and tanning, “it’s a revolving door,” she says. “I see 10 clients a day sometimes.”

Despite living and working together for most of their lives, the sisters say they are “definitely not best friends.” Much of the show’s tension comes from Lexi’s disgust over Bria’s longtime love.

“I hate him,” Lexi says of Bria’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Matt Mancuso. “We went to high school together and he had a reputation as a cocky player . . . I just don’t like how he’s treated her.”

During a relationship break, Mancuso, 28, ended up having twins with another woman. Still, the couple remains together and now Bria acts as a stepmom to the 19-month-old boys.

“They call me Glam-ma,” Jennifer says.

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