Cancer patients surge by 20% in five years with diagnosis every 90 seconds

<p>Almost three million people are living with cancer in Britain after rates soared by a fifth in five years.</p>
<p>A patient is diagnosed with cancer every 90 seconds on average, a study by Macmillan Cancer Support found.</p>
<p>The current 2.9 million will rise to almost 3.5 million by 2025, it estimates – with health services already struggling with chronic staffing shortages.</p>
<p>The charity’s chief Lynda Thomas said: “More people are hearing they have cancer, at a time when the NHS desperately needs additional doctors and nurses.</p>
<p>&quot;This is whipping up a perfect storm which needs to be taken seriously by party leaders.</p>
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<p>&quot;We need decision makers to prioritise funding and put in place the right plans to ensure we have a cancer ­workforce fit for purpose.”</p>
<p>Cancer patients are surviving longer and the population is getting bigger and older, meaning more people have the disease.</p>
<p>Some 1.62 million women and 1.27 million men are expected to be living with cancer next year.</p>
<p>The total of 2.89 million is around 440,000 more than the figure of 2.45 million in 2015 – 1.06 million men and 1.39 million women.</p>
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