Colourful square brainteaser has seven letters hiding somewhere in the image

Are you looking for a brainteaser to challenge you?

The latest one is asking players to find the letters that's hidden in a colourful square.

In the image, it shows a number of colours in a line which is supposedly hiding "something more".

Posting on Reddit, at first glance you'll never believe there's a number of letters hiding in the colourful square.

The person who shared it wrote: "Just some fun colours! Or something more."

If you're desperate for a clue to this mind-boggling puzzle, just know that there is a total of seven letters to locate.

So how long will it take you? Comment below and tell us how you did…

You can scroll down for the answers if you were really struggling.

In the photo, the letters E, C, E, H, A, R, S were dotted around the place.

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