Dad describes horror moment son was hit by woman flung from ride at Hull Fair

A father has described the shocking moment his son was hit by a woman who had been flung from a ride at Hull Fair.

The harrowing incident happened just before 8pm on Monday night, October 7, Hull Live reported .

The woman was rushed to hospital with serious injuries after she fell from a Airmaxx 360 ride in front of horrified families.

Chris Corran, 43, has spoken of his terror as he witnessed the woman hit a nearby ride which his 16-year-old son Benjamin was on.

He said: “We were enjoying watching him on the Sizzler because he had been on a similar ride previously and passed out so we were taking the mickey out of him.

“She was on the Airmaxx next to the Sizzler and the restraints on her ride failed and she was flown into the air. She has flown into him as his seat was spinning and then she went into the barricades.

“All I saw was the girl flying through the barricades. We thought she came off the ride my son was on so I just ran over to help.”

One bystander said the woman “looked practically dead” with a gash on her neck and there was blood all over.

Another witness said: “The bar failed and a girl just came flying off it while it was in motion. It’s at the back in the corner near West Park.

“It’s been shut and the emergency services are there. There is a lot of blood. It doesn’t look good.”

Mr Corran, of east Hull, rushed to the aid of the girl, unaware that his son was also injured.

He said: “As you can understand [paramedics] were dealing with her because she was in a worse state. We thought she was dead because she was laid there lifeless.

“I ran to help the girl and didn’t even realise that she had hit my boy.

“I then heard from my wife and daughter that Ben had been hurt. They would not let me on to get to him so I pushed my way through.

“The paramedics were all around her and Ben and I think that scared him even more.

“I will say I think if it weren’t for Ben being there it could have been worse for the girl because she could have gone into the mechanisms of the Sizzler.”

Mr Corran says he and his family will never go back to Hull Fair following their ordeal.

He said: “We are never going again. It should be closed down and disbanded.

“I tell you something they have lost more customers than just ourselves.

“The more people I can show about the dangers of Hull Fair the more people are going to be made aware and they will make it safer."

Emergency services, including St John’s Ambulance, rushed onto the scene following the accident.

A police cordon was put in place around both rides which remained closed for the remainder of the night.

Passers-by were left stunned by what had happened saying it made them think twice about going on the rides.

Amy Louis Jackson, 25, said: "It’s scary. That’s one of the rides I normally go on that one.

“When I hear stories like this I won’t go on them again. It puts you off. It makes you think twice about health and safety.”

Macauley Cross, 24, from Patrington, said: “You expect the worst when you see this. No chance am I going on it. You won’t catch me on owt like that.”

Humberside Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Chief Inspector Paul Kirby, tactical commander for Hull Fair, said: “A woman has sadly been seriously injured this evening at Hull Fair and taken to hospital by ambulance. 

“We do not believe her injuries are life threatening or life changing.

“A teenage boy was struck by the woman as she fell. He thankfully only sustained minor injuries.

“We have very well established plans in place with the council for any incident like this at the fair, and I want to thank everyone for their patience while we deal with this.

“I am appealing for anyone who might have seen what happened, or who has any video footage of it to contact us. Please quote log 514 of 7/10/19.”

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