Donald Trump Takes Time Out From D-Day Commemoration To Tweet Bash CNN & Rachel Maddow & Heap Praise On….Himself

Donald Trump’s vanity knows no bounds. Nothing new there, but sometimes its raw display still shocks.

On the same day world leaders came together to commemorate one of the most significant and humbling events of the 20th Century, the day Allied forces landed in France to liberate Europe from Nazi fascism, the U.S president took time out to humble brag (read lie) about his “glowing reviews” from the British Media [sic] and to bash MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and CNN.

Quoting Fox’s conservative commentator Sean Hannity, Trump tweeted, ‘”The President has received glowing reviews from the British Media. Here at home, not so much. MSNBC Ramps up hateful coverage and promotes conspiracy theories during Trump’s trip to Europe.” @seanhannity The good news is that @maddow is dying in the ratings, along with @CNN!’

The tweet was sandwiched between two about the sacrifice of those who gave their lives on the historic D-Day landings. France’s president Emmanuel Macron and UK prime minister Theresa May, also in Normandy for the commemoration, wisely adopted less combative and narcissistic tones on social platforms, putting the focus on veterans and their families.

Trump’s contentious state visit to the UK has been marked by protests and awkward politics. Far from “glowing”, the media response has been decidedly mixed with centrist and left-leaning media drawing attention to Trump’s alarming suggestion that the UK health service could become privatised after a post-Brexit trade deal with the U.S. and the expense of the state visit, which seems to have been piggy-backed by the wider Trump family. Right-wing press and Rupert Murdoch-owned media have preferred Trump’s disparagement of the London mayor and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and talked up the U.S.-UK ‘special relationship.’

If Trump was in any doubt about his approval rating among the UK public, he was reminded on Twitter this week by campaign group Led By Donkeys, which projected his 21% rating onto leading tourist attraction The Tower Of London. That said, before his arrival in Europe a YouGov poll revealed that 46% of Britons were in favour of the state visit going ahead compared to 40% against.

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