Dr. Dre Dishes Out $100 Million From His $820 Million Fortune To Finalize The Divorce Settlement With Nicole Young

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s divorce has been a long and messy one, and it every sordid detail has been developing in the public sphere. After being married and living a seemingly happy life with one another for 26 years, the couple clearly found themselves unable to reconcile their differences, and filed for divorce. Most celebrity marriages are sensitive due to the amount of money that’s at stake, and the couples’ inability to keep their personal details private, but this breakup was exceptionally difficult. There was an $820 million fortune at stake, and neither party was willing to back down. After much turmoil, Nicole Young is walking away with a $100 million divorce settlement.

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$100 million is an impressive amount of money and is certainly nothing to frown upon. However, in the grand scheme of things, Nicole Young was forced to abandon 26 years of marriage with far less money in her bank account than she was expecting.

The 52 year old former attorney shares 2 adult children with Dr. Dre, and has spent exactly half of her lifetime by his side. After sharing every aspect of their lives together for 26 long years, Nicole felt that she was rightfully owed 50% of Dr. Dre’s net worth, and she hired an expensive legal team to see to it that she got what she felt she was earned.

However, there was a prenuptial agreement in place that determined how the funds would be split up if the couple’s relationship ceased to exist, and the terms were clearly not in Nicole Young’s favor.

After they both fought ferociously in court, the outcome was finally determined. Nicole Young was deemed to be entitled to $100 million, half of which was to be paid immediately, and the other half to be paid a year from now.

The prenup was contested by Nicole, but evidently, Dr. Dre’s assets were well protected. Not only is she not able to access half of his fortune, but she also lost out on quite a bit of Dr. Dre’s real estate.

The music mogul managed to hang on to 7 of the properties that were purchased during their marriage, inclusive of their Mailbu home, 2 mansions in Calabasas, and 4 stunning properties in Los Angeles. Among the L.A. homes is a $100 million Brentwood estate which was at the center of their legal battle.

Dr. Dre also managed to protect the integrity of his master recordings and music trademarks, as well as his various partnerships and trust funs. He was also able to retain all their Apple stocks, which Dr. Dre fought aggressively for, as those stocks embrace the profits from the sale of Beats by Dre.

Nicole gets to retain her jewelry, the contents of her bank account, and 4 out of the 10 vehicles in their fleet. She is not entitled to spousal support, which was a huge point of contention.

The settlement has left Dr. Dre feeling ‘relieved’ and he’s delighted that he was able to hold on to the fortune he worked so hard to achieve.

On the other hand, Nicole may not have been able to take half of what he was worth, but $100 million is a huge chunk of change that she will surely enjoy.

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