Drivers warned of £5k fines for having headlight issues with car this winter

Drivers could risk a hefty fine for having faulty headlights this winter.

Fines are £100 on the spot with the risk of them rising to £5,000 if the cases go to court.

Experts at GEM Motoring Assist advise drivers to always use dipped headlights, whether it's day or night.

Switching them on also make regular checks of the main beams, indicators, sidelights from the front and the rear.

Motorists are also being urged not to rely on automatic light systems and to make themselves familiar with their car lights.

For those planning to get some last-minute Christmas shopping, they might be setting off and driving home in the dark.

A GEM spokesperson explained: "More and more cars now have automatic lighting arrangements.

"These, combined with front-only daytime running lights, mean it's easy to assume your lights are all taken care of.

"However, daytime running lights are fairly dim and don't illuminate the road ahead.

"They are not sufficient on their own to make you properly visible to traffic and road users, especially in foggy or wet conditions."

They added: "What's more, you are likely to be displaying no rear lighting whatsoever.

"If your car is easy to spot, you will be doing your bit for road safety. After all, drivers tend not to crash into things they can see.

"That's why taking control of the lights you use is a good way to reduce your risk on winter journeys."

The Highway Code often gives advice on lighting requirements.

  • Certain drivers can swerve points for careless driving under proposed measures

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Rule 113 states that drivers must use headlights at night and when visibility is reduced.

With adverse weather expected in the coming weeks, drivers are being warned of worse driving conditions.

This could affect the view from the windscreen, especially with fog, snow and frost.

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