Flying Like Drake: What’s Inside The Musician’s $185 Million Private Jet

Drake certainly knows how to fly with style, as the singer’s private plane, a gift from Canadian airline “Cargo Jet”, is worth at least $185 million. While the price tag might seem higher than the altitude it cruises, the amenities it offers makes it all seem worth it.

As of 2020, the Canadian rapper and former Degrassi star had an estimated wealth of around $150 million. His bank account grew by 50% between 2018 and 2019 and shows no signs of slowing down.

“Air Drake”, as it’s known, was gifted to the singer in exchange for the publicity that it would garner by its link to his social media. The multitude of images that he’s shared aboard the craft have proven that hope right. The sky mansion seems to shine every time it iss photographed.

Louis Vuitton Design

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While most would leap for joy over a Louis Vuitton handbag, Drake takes the extravagance one step further as the famous designer is behind the plush gold finishes and oboe paint job. Vuitton is known for its impeccable standards and high costs due to their unwillingness to outsource production to cheaper manufacturers. The difference shows, and every image of Air Drake reinforces why they’re a global leader in style and fashion. The overall paint job was done with the help of Louis Vuitton’s men’s creative director Virgil Abloh. It a relaxing baby blue to showcase Drizzy’s serene outlook on life in general.

Upon receiving his new flying paradise in April 2019, Drake showed off the custom paint job it was set to receive complete with his owl logo. The rapper has been a longtime fan of this symbolic creature, an Egyptian hieroglyph for the letter M. It was even featured on the cover of his 2011 mix-tape and he has been seen in clothing sporting the owl, designed by Nate Willis. He also uses it as the symbol for his collaboration group OVOXO.

Not New, But Still Amazing

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The aircraft is actually a 23 year old cargo plane, which makes it eleven years younger than its owner. However, age is just a number. Another notable number – 180. That’s how many feet long the vessel is with a wingspan of 156 feet to match. The 767 spans a height of 52 feet and, to load it up with customization fit for a Drake, Cargo Jet spent just under $100 million to get it ready for him to show-off. This revamp has left Air Drake with an estimated value between $185 million and $220 million.

It Is Crazy Big

Imagine being able to seat 200 passengers in your private plane. Drake can, although he has only thirty seats installed in order to maximize space. The perimeter is adorned by mirrors shining with gold accents and enough leather seating to truly christen his plane as a luxury hotel in the sky.

There’s a bedroom, complete with a king sized bed, two living rooms, and a business lounge. The obligatory big screen television and bevy of tables all make the experience even less like a flight and more like a vacation.

Fully Loaded

What type of flight would it be without a flight attendant and personal captain? Drake has those too.

For those who think that a ride like this deserves a champagne-popping celebration, you wouldn’t be alone. Drake not only has plenty of bubbly to go around, but even his own brand to offer guests.

Partying, while the top perk of Drake’s flying decadence, is not the only reason for his fancy ride. Financially speaking, it works to his advantage. The cost of chartering a private flight would typically be around $18,000. However, that’s not an issue when you have a plan to call your own. Bypassing that cost, Drizzy was able to take flight for reasons that might otherwise seem extravagant including celebrating the Raptor’s NBA Championship in 2019. It isn’t unusual for the star to take athletes up in the air for a party, garnering attention. He even has his pilot bring them back home after the final drink has been poured.

Giving Back

Credit: Jimmy Abraham/Miami-Dade County Public Schools[/caption]

He may be here now, but he started at the bottom. Because of that, Drake is attempting to put his jet to good use by announcing in April that he would be joining a lucky winner in flight as part of an “all-in challenge” for pandemic relief. The announcement made headlines and generally was given positive reviews.

Of course, the pollution and carbon footprint issues still loom heavily in the air, giving the rapper negative press now and again. However, his love for Air Drake and the ways in which he tries to use the aircraft to give back, produce publicity, and save money all can’t be denied.  At the end of the day, the “God’s Plan” singer is flying closer to heaven and, after all that he’s earned, it’s hard to deny him that right.

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