Gloriously round haircut makes toy poodle look just like a mini sheep

This adorable poodle has a haircut that makes him look just like a little sheep.

Goma, a toy poodle who lives in Japan, has his fluffy fur trimmed short on his legs and left long on his body.

Owner Yoriko Hamachiyo, 42, who works as a dog groomer, said Goma has this adorable hairstyle not for cosmetic reasons, but to help stop the little dog from getting painful knots in his fur.

Yoriko spends two hours each session maintaining seven-year-old Goma’s circular shape and admits some people think the style is just a gimmick.

She said: ‘Goma’s style is not a prank, it’s love.

‘He had a problem with a habit of licking his paws to be clean and the saliva made the hair on his legs tangled, which was painful for him to unravel.

‘That’s why I decided on a sheep-style cut for him.

‘He also has a hunched back by nature and the sheep style is a good way to cover his shortcomings.’

Yoriko said the way a dog – or a person – is born doesn’t have to limit their personal style.

She said: ‘He was born a poodle but doesn’t have to be poodle style.

‘I love shining individuality and in my work I am praying for a happy life for the owner and the dog.

‘Sheep style, and also alpaca style, are popular in Japan where many dogs are groomed in different ways.

‘Goma is very cute, and friendly and spoiled to be honest, he is a very healing natured dog, and he loves beautiful women.’

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