Hair stylist shares quick and easy cut and style

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Senior stylist and colourist Domenico Casella at Neville Hair and Beauty, a London based salon, spoke exclusively to about what women can do to make their hair look younger and healthier as they start to age. He shared the best products, cuts, and styles for middle aged women.

“As you age, your hair colour and texture starts to change,” Domenico explained.

“The degree in which your hair changes very much depends from person to person, however, you may notice the appearance of grey or white hairs, which tend to feel more wiry than the rest of your hair.

“That said, there are a number of ways to embrace these changes and turn what feels like inevitable ageing into a positive change.”

Starting with colour, whether you choose to embrace your greying hair colour or cover it, there are “a multitude of options available”, according to Domenico.

The expert added that it’s a good idea to visit your local salon to begin with.

He said: “Whether it’s softening greys with a tint and gloss, or using a Henna technique (an alternative way to tone hair), hair salons like Neville Hair and Beauty will do what’s right for you based on your hair and scalp needs.

“Key factors such as skin tone and eye colour will play an important role in determining the shade of colour used.

“It is important to remember that the more colour applied, the higher the upkeep. I advise embracing the natural change and tweaking it using semi-permanent colour or Henna.

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“The result won’t be a full matt colour, but rather a translucent coverage that will gradually grow out without any visible line.

“Another positive aspect of colouring the roots with Henna or a semi permanent colour is that you don’t alter the natural texture of the hair – keeping it virgin is very important for mature hair.

“Ultimately, whatever colour option you choose to go for, it’s important to embrace it with confidence.”

As well as hair colour, hair length is another concern for middle aged women. “Many people assume that because they are ageing they need to wave goodbye to luscious lengths,” Domenico said. “But quite the contrary is true.”

He continued: “Helen Mirren’s recent red carpet appearance in Berlin proves that even well into your 70s you can rock long silver hair.

“It is important to remember that hair length is a choice and by no means an obligation. Like with any haircut it is important to take into consideration your lifestyle and how much time you are willing to dedicate to hair styling.

“Face shape also plays a fundamental role in choosing your hairstyle, and there are loads of small knacks which can help inject youth into it.

“Fringes, for example, are a quick and easy way to frame the face and divert the focus point from your forehead to elsewhere.

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“Gone are the days where individuals feel pressured to cut their hair short and dye it in order to look young,” Domenico stressed.

“Allowing grey hair to grow long is a liberating experience that many people are now embracing. Grey hair throughout our lifetime is an indication of a life well lived, with the days of trying to mask our age for the sake of feeling young being long gone.

“For some, choosing to remain youthful through colour or haircuts is something they are comfortable with, and it is not something to frown upon.”

The expert added that middle aged hair also needs plenty of conditioning. “Like at any age, taking care of your hair is extremely important, and will provide your hair with a youthful appearance,” he said. “Health and shine should be high on your priority list. I recommend regular in-salon professional treatments to help stimulate the scalp and nourish the hair.”

Domenico’s favourite treatments at Neville Hair and Beauty Salon

K18 – a peptide-powered treatment aimed to repair hair damage in the inner-most layers of the hair. The pre-treatment spray helps to prepare the hair for heat whilst the leave-in mask rebuilds the keratin protein in the hair.

The Neville Scalp treatment – this natural clay-based treatment is intended to exfoliate the scalp from dead skin, relieve itchiness and provide a deep nourishing hydration.

The Face-Lift blow-dry – designed to take years off your face, it is a small but genius knack that gives that lifted appearance and contours the face, giving a tauter, instantaneous snatched face lifted look. Achieved in just under 40 mins, this blow-dry is a game changer for those suffering from tired, softer skin.

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