Husband and family give me everything and I still cry every day

DEAR DEIDRE: ON the surface I have everything I ever wanted.

I have a four-month-old baby girl, twin boys who are three and a hard-working and loving husband.

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We live in a big flat with a lovely shared garden.

I always wanted a big family and I love my husband very much so why do I cry every single day?

I’m 29 and my husband is 31.

My days are spent alone with the children as my ­husband works away from home for 14 hours a day.

I feel desperate. I love my children but I don’t feel that I have a worthwhile life at the moment.

My husband tries to cheer me up on his days off but mostly we are like ships in the night.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You are right in the thick of it when it comes to the demanding stage of looking after children.

It’s really important not to bottle everything up, so talk to your husband about how you feel and ask him to take the children off your hands for at least a couple of hours to give you a break. And, most importantly, talk to your GP as soon as you can.

Please don’t struggle alone when help is available.

You may be spiralling into depression and it is important this is treated.

You are not alone in feeling this way. Being responsible for little ones 24/7 is demanding so do not underestimate how different you feel when worn out.

You can also contact an organisation called Home-Start (, 0800 068 63 68) which helps families with under-fives.

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