I have feelings for my best friend, but I'm not sure if I should tell her

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M really attracted to my best friend but I’m scared she doesn’t feel the same way.

She’s 23 and I’m a guy of 24. We met at university, we shared a house together and now we both work for the same company.

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We go out together all the time.

We do couple stuff and we act like a couple but neither of us can bring ourselves to admit our feelings for one another.

We went out for dinner a few weeks ago and the waiter said: “You guys look so happy. How long have you been together?” We were both a little embarrassed but told him we weren’t together.

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Now colleagues are saying the sexual tension between us is palpable.

Should I tell her how I feel?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Yes – what do you have to lose?

The best relationships are often born out of a close friendship.

Rather than confessing your undying love for her, why not ask her whether she’d like to go out on a “proper date” with you – to the cinema or a concert, say? Keep it low-key.

Explain that you’d like to see whether you could develop your friendship.

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