Inside puppy play fetish where women can earn millions by acting like dogs

A lot of people love dogs, with many people have them as pets in their home.

However, how would you feel about dressing up as one?

Well, the fetish is much more common than you think with many women in particular loving the trend.

And as well as get enjoyment from it – they are also earning thousands a month from it.

This includes 'puppy girl' Jenna, who has made $1million (£741,000) in the space of a year on OnlyFans by pretending to be a dog.

She does this by making videos of herself playing fetch, begging for food and being taken on nice long walkies.

In one of Jenna's videos, she is seen begging for food under the table at a cafe before her owner feeds her a scrap of meat.

While in another, she's told off for peeing on the floor and is locked in her cage as a punishment.

The 21-year-old from Texas has gone viral online for her puppy persona, with a growing following on social media and OnlyFans.

Since posing her first video in March, she's first video in March, she's gained more than 180,000 followers, many of whom supported her monthly income of $10,000 (£7,000) on OnlyFans.

Talking to Vice, Jenna said: "It's insane. I never thought my weird dog kink would be looked at by a broad audience, or that so many people would like/care about it. It still blows my mind."

Many may of heard of puppy play in the gay community, which first began gaining mainstream attention around 2015 with TV shows like Channel 4’s Secret Life of the Human Pups.

However, there is now growing trend of straight women taking up puppy play.

For those who are unsure, puppy play is basically role-playing as a dog by barking, crawling on all fours, donning a collar or chewing a toy.

The fetish is rooted in BDSM and previously involved bondage gear, such as large leather dog masks known as “hoods”, head-to-toe rubber suits and ball gags.

You don't need to be alarmed, as it has nothing to do with the harm or abuse of actual dogs. Instead, it is the fetishisation of a human taking on dog-like attributes.

Women like Jenna often have a far softer approach to the fetish. Many don't wear a harness or accessories like ears or a tail.

However, straight puppy play does share a few things in common with its gay counterpart.

For example, a 2019 study of gay puppy play fetishists found a number of reasons people were drawn in. This includes relaxation, therapy and escape from the self.

Jenna admitted she can relate to this, saying: "I love the feeling of being owned.

"I feel protected and loved. I’m at my most comfortable during puppy play."

She says she discovered the fetish when she met another pup at a kink convention in Chicago, a gay man who encouraged her to experiment with the role.

She admitted she loved it straight away and was “all in”.

As well as women alone, many straight couples are also adopting the trend.

Dani, a puppy girl who shares sexy videos with her boyfriend and “owner” Jack online, also told Vice she believes that removing some aesthetic pet play elements – like hoods and harnesses – the door has opened the door for more straight couples to experiment.

“People can indulge in the subculture of pet play without jumping in full force," she said.

"It’s a more accessible for couples who don't belong to the more intense BDSM culture."

Dani admits her and Jack have spent around $300 (£223) on ears, collars, harnesses, bowls and other puppy gear.

They find most items on Etsy or in real pet stores, where they make up fictional dogs to get out of awkward conversations with cashiers.

The couple say 'cheeky and loveable pups' fit their personalities better than any other more conventional BDSM roles.

Social media site TikTok has helped the puppy play trend soar ever more, thanks to its somewhat random algorithm.

Many who wouldn't have searched for it are often introduced to the fetish on the For You page.

And it's certainly proving lucrative, with former optician Jenna earning six figures monthly on OnlyFans and Jack and Dani raking in around $400 (£298) from their puppy play videos.

As well as the money, many couples also say it brings them closer together as a couple by maintaining a sense of playfulness and affection.

Along with women, some men enjoy the fetish too.

This includes Freki, who appeared on C4 documentary Sex in Lockdown: Keep S**gging and Carry On last year.

He admitted he enjoys dressing up as a puppy and having his penis zapped with electricity.

Freki – which is probably not his real name – also says living as a puppy means he gets lots of cuddles and attention, as well as punishment.

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