Inside the Queen’s lavish Boxing Day breakfast and ‘ultimate’ comfort food

If there’s one thing that Christmas is like for the Royals, it’s traditional.

Frombeing weighed before they begin the celebrations at Sandringhamto opening their presents on Christmas Eve, the festive season for the royal family is full of traditions that many of us would consider weird or wacky.

But one tradition in place ensures thatthe Queenkicks off Boxing Day in style – tucking into a hearty breakfast preparing for the day ahead.

As reported by the Sun, Her Majesty and other visitors at Sandringham begin Boxing Day with a buffet breakfast featuring kedgeree, bacon and eggs.

The breakfast, which originates from 14th century India, is made of flaked smoked haddock, rice, hard-boiled eggs, cream and curry powder.

Posting to hisYouTube channel, former royal chef, Darren McGrady, revealed that the dish was one of the 95 year old’s favourite things to eat for breakfast.

Speaking in the video, he said: “One of the most popular breakfast dishes that I cooked for the Royal Family – one of their favourites and mine too – is a dish called kedgeree.

“It's the ultimate comfort food dish that was brought over to the Victorians in the era of the Raj by the returning British colonials.”

Making the meal, Darren cut a smoked haddock fillet into pieces and poached it in milk.

The chef then added some basmati rice, four hard-boiled eggs, curry powder, milk, cream and fresh parsley to complete the recipe fit for a queen.

As part of their Boxing Day celebrations, the family typically spend their time embracing the outdoors at Sandringham in Norfolk, partaking in activities such as horse riding, walking and shooting.

The lavish breakfast buffet follows a series of indulgent meals eaten on Christmas Day, including lobster and turkey, as well asa menu written in French.

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Speaking to James Haskell and Alex Payne on their podcast The Good, The Bad and The Rugby,Mike Tindallrevealed that theroyal children also sit away from the adultsduring the Queen's annual Christmas lunch.

Husband ofZara Tindall, the Queen’s granddaughter, Mike discussed the 2019 meal they enjoyed before the pandemic cancelled their 2020 celebrations, mentioning how he found himself on a table with Prince Charles.

“This is the family lunch, there were seven tables so there must have been about 70 of us there,” he said.

“The kiddies have their own little one in a different room.”

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