Inside UKs most haunted bingo hall as ghost hunter called in to cleanse spirits

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With Halloween in a matter of days, everyone's thinking about spooky things.

If you're into ghosts, one of the top locations to spot a spiritual encounter is actually at home.

But it turns out that the spooks can even appear in bingo halls too.

Now Daily Star can exclusively reveal Buzz Bingo had a paranormal investigator to come check out their "most haunted" club.

The UK's largest bingo operator invited TV ghost hunter Barri Ghai to ward off evil spirits in its Tooting branch ahead of the weekend.

General manager Jeevah called in the serves after colleagues and players reported several spooky encounters over the years.

Some even include customers feeling a "presence" in the gothic-style bingo hall and team members hearing voices in the club.

Barri conducted a paranormal investigation and cleanse with the unique "hall of mirrors" proving especially successful.

He used his instrumental trans-communication device to engage with what he believes to have been two different spirits.

Spookily enough the findings haven't come as a surprise as Buzz Bingo found 45% of Brits claim to have a connection with ghosts.

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In its study of 2,000 people, one in three (36%) have actually seen a ghost in the form of shadows when no one else was around.

Meanwhile 23% say they've seen items being moved or going missing, as 20% claim to hear footsteps when no one is home.

Buzz Bingo's spiritual cleansing comes as it finds bingo clubs feature in the top 10 locations people are likely to spot a ghost.

An eye-watering 52% of people spot spirits lurking in their home, while 15% have been spooked at their local pub.

Just 6% have witnessed a ghoul at the hospital while 5% say it happened at a bingo hall.

Commenting on the investigation, Barri said: "The building has a lot of history.

"My investigation started in the hall of mirrors and within a few minutes I was able to detect some activity.

"I was able to connect with two separate entities, potentially a male and a female spirit who spoke with me through my equipment."

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He added: "I conducted the cleansing process by burning white sage, a method that has been used in spirit cleansing for years.

"This is a balancing exercise and provides a more positive environment which rids the club of any negative energies.

"Although the spirits are not completely dispelled through cleansing, the process ensures the spiritual presence is far more positive."

The general manager also spoke out ahead of Halloween this weekend.

Jeevah said: "This club's life started back in 1931, when it opened as the Granada theatre and cinema.

"We've never had any problems with the spirits believed to occupy the building.

"We know our players are very serious about the game, so we want to make the environment as welcoming as possible.

"And for those intrigued by the spiritual world, you know where to come this Halloween!"

To find your closest club, visit the Buzz Bingo website.

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