It's Libra Season! Here are 14 Gifts for Your Favorite Lover of Balance

Know what we love about Libras? They’re not only highly intelligent and creative, they’re stylish and inspiring to boot. Plus, their motivation rubs off on everyone around them, so it’s damn near impossible to not feel a burst of energy when they’re in the same room. But their No. 1 strength? They’re all about harmony, balance, and fairness — and not afraid to speak against injustices. And lucky for all of us, Libra season is in full swing, meaning all of our favorite Libra characteristics — balance, relationships, and beauty — are pushed into the spotlight over the next month. 

Now, we may all be trying our best to keep up with Libras the rest of the year, but now’s the time when Libras are at their peak — expertly balancing their time for both self-care and pursuing their ambitions and dreams. 

Over the next month, it’s all about Libras. And to show our appreciation for those Libras in our lives, why not give them gifts they’ll not only love, but will want to use? Ahead, we’ve gathered 14 gifts for those Libras in our lives.

Gemstone bottle

Not only is this gemstone bottle straight-up gorgeous, but the Balance bottle also, specifically, features a gempod that infuses sodalite and clear quartz to flush toxins and carry nutrients.

Vitajuwel ViA gemwater balance bottle, $98 at Frontgate

Instant tea strips

To help your Libra achieve inner balance while also getting a caffeine-free energy boost, gift her or him these vegan, gluten-free instant tea strips made with organically grown California olive leaves.

Olyxir Leaf instant tea strips, $11.99 at Olyxir

Zodiac mug

A gold-accented mug only a Libra would love.

Libra zodiac mug, $12 at Macy’s

Wires crossed ring

Embedded with cubic zirconia stones, any Libra will covet this crossed ring.

Wires crossed ring, $60 at Jenna Hunter

Limited-edition purse

This limited-edition, Italian leather purse with polished gold hardware was made for multi-tasking Libras; it has card slots, a pen holder, a detachable key strap, a tablet compartment and a back sleeve pocket to quickly access your phone or store your sunglasses.

EMMA 32 Petite, $325 at Jemma

Radiate serum

Ampersand’s Radiate serium will do more than brighten your Libras’ skin; it’ll also help create harmony in their lives.

Radiate serum, $89 at Ampersand

Elastic wallet

Help your Virgos keep their belongings in one place with this floral card holder that holds cash, cards and keys together.

Propaganda elastic wallets, $15 at Thread Wallets

Velvet journal

Gorgeous to the touch and easy to carry around? Check and check. These mini velvet journals are the perfect place for Libras to jot down all of their creative ideas.

Mini velvet journal bundle, $75 at Printfresh


Skylar fragrances are clean, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free. Our favorite (and your Libra’s soon-to-be-favorite)? Arrow: a warm, spicy, and seductive scent with notes of midnight jasmine, warm patchouli, and vanilla. 

Arrow, $78 at Skylar

Balance CBD gels

It’s almost as if these CBD gels were made for Libras. Uniquely formulated for women, Winged’s Balance CBD gels have Evening Primrose Oil for hormonal support and skin radiance.

Balance CBD gels, $34.95 at Winged

Sapphire carafe

Libras’ lucky gem is sapphire, making this sapphire- and gold-detailed carafe the perfect — and most functional — Libra gift.

Rivka carafe, $32 at Anthropologie

Rose candle

Libra’s flower is the rose, so why not gift her/him this celestial-inspired, rose-scented candle for days when your Libra just wants to chill the f*ck out?

Lunar rose candle, $14 at Urban Outfitters

Home diffuser 

What makes Hyascent so great? Aside from the fact that the Bright You Are scent is a florally, fruity masterpiece with notes of freesia blossom, sandal wood, green cactus and grapefruit, Hyascents last four to six months.

Bright You Are, $169 at Hyascent

Libra zodiac necklace

Libras are here to promote peace and protect the delicate harmony of the universe, and this pink tourmaline gold necklace depicts just that. 

Satya Jewelry Libra zodiac pink tourmaline gold 18″ necklace, $111 at Macy’s

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