Its totally creepy! Woman furious as her neighbours come out and stare the whole time

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The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, explained on the parents’ forum Mumsnet: “I bought a house six months ago in a medium town in Ireland. Two middle-aged men live next to me.”

She continued: “I was on holiday last week, and these men got my estate agent to ring me to see where I was. They are friends with my local estate agent.

“They said they were worried about me.

“This creeped me out as I instantly got the feeling that they weren’t worried about me, they just wanted to know where I was.

“I felt it was very intrusive and over the top.

“If there was a young woman living alone next to me and I hadn’t seen her for a week, I wouldn’t dream of getting an estate agent to ring her.

“It is totally creepy!” she said.

The woman explained she was now back from her holiday but the neighbours were “creeping me out even more”.

She shared some of the daily situations that make her feel extremely uncomfortable.

She claimed: “Many times that I go into my front garden, the men come out and stare at me.

“For example, I went out to cut my front lawn.

“I was cutting my front lawn, and the man next door came out into his front garden, and just stared at me the whole time.

“Then this morning I went out to pick up a delivery.

“Next door, he was walking out of his front garden. But when he saw me come into my garden, he stopped walking, just stood there and stayed in his garden and stared at me until I went back in.

“They never say a word. Just stare.

“What do I do. I’m starting to feel really upset in this house.

“I wanted to have a nice private house. Now I’m starting to feel uncomfortable every time I go out.”

Other forum users shared their thoughts with many agreeing she should move to another house.

@wulyjmpr said: “I would move house.

“Be careful confronting nutters. Not worth the risk.”

Another one, @newbiename, said: “Sorry no advice but how awful.”

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