Josh Peck is Officially an 'Expensive Taste Test' Legend

It’s not often someone comes in and DOMINATES Cosmo’s Expensive Taste Test, but Josh Peck moves differently, do you hear me? Anybody who’s seen our series knows how tough it can be to choose the pricier option when presented with two incredibly similar items. A clean sweep is basically impossible, but leave it up to this guy to defy all odds.

At one point Josh was even fearful of his own power. Is winning this test necessarily a good thing? Does it imply “bougie taste buds” and a superiority complex? These are life’s tough questions.

If Josh’s ridiculous guessing skills aren’t enough to convince you, at least watch the video to hear his in-depth descriptions of literally every item, (apparently coconut water is just “healthy people Gatorade.”) And be sure to check out his latest project Turner & Hooch out on Disney+ now!

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