Kates birthday photos show she finally gets it that she is loved by royal fans

Kate Middleton should 'think strategically' says expert

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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge posed for a series of birthday portraits to mark her 40th on January 9. The stunning trio of snaps were taken by renowned photographer Paolo Roversi at the historic venue of Kew Gardens in London. Express.co.uk spoke to body language expert Judi James about the significance of the Duchess’ 40th birthday portrait.

One of Kate’s birthday portraits featured her in profile staring away from the camera, wearing a floaty white gown.

And in another beautiful monochrome snap, Kate beams directly at the camera with her hair in curls.

But one of Kate’s birthday portraits arguably stands out among the three as the only one shot in full colour rather than black and white.

In the snap, Kate beams at the camera in a striking scarlet gown by British label Alexander McQueen.

According to the body language expert, the picture in question shows Kate finally “gets it” that she is adored in her royal role.

Ms James explained: “The photo in the red dress shows a woman finally happy and confident to look us straight in the eye and engage in a more personal and direct way.

“It suggests Kate finally ‘gets it’ that she is liked, admired and even loved by royal fans in her own right rather than just as a wife to William and mother to their three children.”

Traditionally, royal households release pictures of royals on social media when they celebrate their birthdays every year.

But as Ms James points out, Kate’s 40th birthday portraits were distinctively different from previous photos released by Kensington Palace for Kate’s birthdays.

Kate’s 39th birthday picture was released just as the UK was plunged into its third national lockdown in 2021.

Ms James explained: “Kate’s 39th birthday photo was all about duty and an acknowledgement of the situation the entire country found itself in.

“Her eyes did engage with the camera but the rest of her face was hidden by a face mask.

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“Her eye-smile and the way her hand was raised in a wave reflected the kind of empathy the royals tend to signal in the face of any disaster.”

For her 38th birthday, Kate was snapped sitting on a country fence in a simple outfit, and she didn’t look directly at the camera.

The body language expert said: “In 2020, on her 38th birthday the contrast to the current portraits could hardly be stronger.

“In a world away from the fairy-tale froth, frills and romance plus the signals of destiny and history depicted in her 40th portraits, Kate was shown in a very plain woolly jumper and jeans, sitting on a wooden fence in the countryside, looking like a rather bashful member of team Cambridge who had been coaxed into posing alone during a family outing or walk.”

Ms James explained that Kate’s birthday portrait to mark her 38th was “un-regal and unassuming”, unlike her 40th portraits.

She added: “The only nod to Kate’s status was the engagement ring displayed on her finger and it was a world away from the A-list celebrity glamour of royal disrupters Harry and Meghan.

“Her smile looked shy and, importantly, her eyes looked away from the camera as though unsure whether to engage with the public in a portrait or not.

“Kate seemed to be downplaying her destiny here in a look that was primarily about friendliness, accessibility and modesty.”

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