KVD Beauty 'Good Apple' foundation goes viral on TikTok

It’s official …TikTok has a new favorite foundation,

KVD Beauty’s Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm has taken over the video-based social media app in just a few days.

What’s so great about the new foundation?

It claims to offer fast and lightweight full coverage with a fresh matte finish, and the foundation is also 100% recyclable and comes in 40 different shades. Plus, the formula is vegan and infused with apple extract.

“I think people are primarily obsessed with the foundation because the instant impact of the coverage is shockingly amazing, and also because it’s really the first full coverage foundation that looks like skin,” Tara Loftis, Global Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for Kendo Brands, told “Good Morning America.”

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Famous TikTokers including Mikayla Nogueira and GLAMZILLA have raved about the foundation in TikTok videos.

KVD Beauty’s hashtag “Good Apple” has gained over 29 million views with hundreds posting about the new foundation.

“No one could have anticipated the pandemonium that ensued following its launch. The virality was organic and authentic, with certain chess pieces in place to kick off the beauty TikTok tsunami.” Loftis said.

? KVD actually impressing ME? Shook. #makeup #beauty @carladelreyy #OverShareInYourUnderwear #AirPodsJUMP

Thanks to TikTok, many of the foundation shades have sold out on KVD Beauty, Ulta and Sephora websites.

According to Loftis the company is, “working feverishly to replenish stock levels as quickly as possible.”

Check out if your shade is in stock below, and sign up to get an email when your shade is back in stock.

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