LA Public Health Director Blasts Kirk Cameron’s For Promoting Caroling During Pandemic

Actor Kirk Cameron, known for his religious fervor, has been encouraging people to go out caroling this holiday season without observing COVID-19 protocols. On Tuesday, the actor participated in a demonstration in the parking lot of the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer decried Cameron’s behavior as “very irresponsible and very dangerous,” noting that people should be wearing masks, socially distancing and only leaving home for essential tasks.

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“Honestly, we get so many reports of these events, and I’m at a loss of words at this point,” she added. “I don’t really understand it. … It’s unnecessary. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. These are just extraordinary times. We all need to help each other live through these times.”

The Pfizer vaccine, which is now being distributed among healthcare workers, won’t be available to the general public for some time. “It will take us months to get everyone vaccinated. We won’t be in the same place next year. And I think all of us need to be able to act with kindness, care and compassion for those around us — both for those we know and love, and those that other people know and love,” Ferrer said.

Last Thursday, California became the first state to surpass two million coronavirus cases. Cameron, however, maintains that caroling is “a chance for people to come sing songs of hope” amid “devastation” in his community, despite COVID-19 now being the leading cause of death in the United States.

Cameron’s former Growing Pains costar and onscreen sister Tracey Gold let the actor know that she disapproved of his actions, tweeting, “As your more intelligent sister I want you to know that I disapprove. I’m worried about you brother AND your family. Wear a mask. Stay home. Sing later.”

Meanwhile, on Wednesday night, Cameron’s actual sister, Full House star Candace Cameron Bure, tweeted, “I did not attend any recent caroling events. Also, I choose to follow the greater guidelines by wearing a mask and social distance when I’m in public. However, I don’t appreciate the vile tweets about my family. I believe respectful dialogue is the key to being heard. Stay safe.”

Source: LA Times

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