Lucy Fallon wows with a Rachel Green-like Christmas hair makeover

Lucy Fallon is getting into the festive spirit with a pre-Christmas hair transformation that gives her a very “Rachel Green from Friends” look.

The Coronation Street actress, who played Bethany Platt on the show until last year, decided to share the new look with her 510,000 Instagram followers on her Stories, captioning the snap: “Christmas hair”.

The style would make even hair goddess Jennifer Aniston jealous, with her thick, layered ends flicked into face-framing pieces. It also looks like Lucy has opted to go darker for winter, as her usual shade of bleach blonde has been transformed into a more tonal hue, with money piece-style lighter sections now visible around her hairline.

Lucy also tagged in her hairstylist of choice, Clare_HBCA, who credits herself as being a blonde colour specialist. Looking at the stunning balayages she creates, we can see why the 25 year old is a regular in her chair.

Up until last year, Lucy regularly experimented with fun hair colours. Just before last Christmas her shade of choice was a peachy pink hue, but she ultimately decided to swap it out for a razor-sharp bob and an ashy blonde colour. We wonder if the new year will bring some more pastel shades for Lucy! We can but hope.

The star, who has only just returned to the UK aftera romantic Parisian break with new footballer beau Ryan Ledson, has been taking a look back on some of her past beauty looks on Instagram these past few weeks, and treated us to a real corker from more than a decade ago.

“Throwback to 2010 when I legit shaved the side of my hair with a razor for literally no reason other than I was stupid,” she wrote on Stories alongside one picture jumping on a bed in a classic 2010 outfit.

In the second snap, the star can be seen with very heavy black liner and crimped hair in a nice mash-up of 90s beauty trends, paired with a check shirt and seriously long earrings.

“Seriously why? “2010 was a whole vibe, love the crimped hair as well,” she captioned the second retro image.

We think we can all agree that Lucy has come a long way since her crimped hair days!

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