Man denied X-ray despite having swollen purple hand he’d broken hours earlier

A man with a broken hand says he was "denied" an X-Ray at his local hospital – forcing him to drive 30 miles to find out the cause of his agony.

Jon Edmiston, 46, said he was treated "so badly" at Hull Royal Infirmary that he would be reluctant to go back.

Mr Edmiston first injured himself by landing painfully on his hand after collapsing in blistering heat, Hull Live reports .

An X-ray at that point suggested he had suffered ligament damage.

On the advice of doctors, Mr Edmiston carried out “wrist exercises” but, after feeling a “pop”, his hand began to swell and his arm eventually turned purple.

He was horrified after being turned down for X-rays by staff at Hull Royal Infirmary and Beverley Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC).

“My hand swelled up like a balloon and I’d done some nurse training and I knew this wasn’t right,” Mr Edmiston said.

“My hand went really big so I went back to Beverley with my hand swollen and said that I needed another X-ray because my hand was properly broken but they said they couldn’t give me an X-ray unless I had a fresh injury.

“I told them that I’d turned my hand but they said I wouldn’t get broken bones from that. I said I was in pain but they said there was nothing they could do.

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