Man displays his CV on homemade CEREAL boxes

Creative job-seeker, 30, prints his CV on miniature CEREAL BOXES to stand out from the crowd – and receives offers from impressed employers on Twitter

  • Lee MacNeall from Lancashire, has printed his CV on homemade cereal boxes
  • The 30-year-old hopes to find a new role before his job ends in January
  • Twitter users were quick to praise Lee for his creativity and shared job adverts

Standing out in a crowded jobs market is a huge challenge, but one man has sparked interest from prospective employers with a quirky redesign of his  

Lee MacNeall, 30, from Lancashire, created a collection of cereal boxes with his CV printed on panels down the side, after learning that his current job will end in January. 

The Engagement and Transformation Officer at Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation trust, shared a video of his creative idea on Twitter after designing 10 boxes to send to prospective employers. 

And it looks as if he needn’t worry about the future, because he’s been flooded with feedback across his LinkedIn and other platforms. 

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Lee MacNeall, 30, (pictured) from Lancashire, has gained viral attention after revealing plans to apply for jobs by printing his CV on homemade cereal boxes

Lee took to Twitter to show a prototype of his CV cereal box design, the post has been re-tweeted almost 100 times

Lee who is hoping to find work around the Preston and Lancashire area, revealed he has many skills including people management and communication.  

A stream of responses to his thread on Twitter advised him to apply his skills to the creative industries.  

‘I love this. Would definitely get attention within the creative and marketing sectors. You should patent the idea and set up in business!!,’ wrote one. 

Another said: ‘If you were after a design job, we have one going at my place. It’s a good example!’ 

A third added: ‘That’s such a creative way of getting your CV out there! Good luck with the job hunting’   

Lee completed his eye-catching cereal box design by filling each box with cereal for the prospective employer to enjoy while reading his CV

A stream of Twitter users praised the idea and advised Lee to apply for roles within the creative and marketing industry 

Speaking to FEMAIL, Lee who has received over 100,000 views on LinkedIn, revealed that the process of creating the boxes took three days.

He said: ‘I was watching Jax Jone & Ella Hendersons new hit on the telly. Within the music video they have a huge cereal packet. It made me think about how we could use everyday products to sell ourselves. So I started looking in net designs for packing – but couldn’t see much online so I created my own.

‘It took me about 2-3 days after work to design the boxes! I printed them and then came construction.

‘I tried a few different ways to make sure the glue stuck – then last night I decided to pop it online and woke up today to a social media frenzy!’

Other responses to his thread came from those who claimed to have seen similar ideas secure jobs.

One person said: ‘I read about a guy who put his CV inside a pizza box and delivered it to a local Italian restaurant. He got the role’

Another wrote: ‘I’ve seen one where it was a bar of chocolate, the person put on the wrapper ‘If i’m not successful for this application, please enjoy this bar of chocolate’ 

Other responses to the thread came from those who recalled people with similar ideas being successful in finding work 

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