Married couple ask another woman into relationship after wife comes out bisexual

A man has hit back at trolls who labelled him and his two partners "freaks" after inviting another woman into his marriage.

Diego Rodrigues de Souza, 31, met 28-year-old Sanny Karen Rodrigues de Souza on popular Brazilian dating app Orkut in 2006.

After dating for three years, the pair married in 2009 then seven years into their marriage they welcomed baby Miguel.

Since adolescence, Sanny knew she was bisexual and admitted this to Diego early in their relationship.

Then in 2019, after 10 years of marriage, the couple decided to explore polyamory so they introduced a third person into their lives.

Both agreeing it should be a woman, they created a Tinder account and met 25-year-old Karina Kerlle Pereira Matos.

In November 2019, they first formed as a throuple – and now the rest is history.

From the start, Karina was comfortably included in the relationship, despite the pandemic hitting and adding unexpected pressure.

In the beginning, there was some jealousy but they have since learnt to deal with it through good communication and therapy.

Diego's family were quick to understand the new relationship, but Karina and Sanny's relatives didn't take it so well.

Their son Miguel reacted positively and accepted Karina into his life.

Although they're all Christians, they have received hateful comments including from religious people.

However, the throuple, from Brazil, are not fazed by their haters and feel incredibly grateful for the love they've found.

After two years of dating and four months of planning, Sanny and Diego held another wedding this time with Karina in July 2021

They invited their families, but only a few members came to witness the celebration.

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Sanny said: "We are a triad in a closed relationship, we have the same limits and love as a regular conventional relationship.

"Unfortunately Diego's family was the only one to accept our relationship. Mine and Karina's are still getting used to it.

"Most of our friends and family have drifted away and today we are out of touch.

"Thanks to our partners and followers, it was a dream we fulfilled."

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By sharing their story on Instagram, the throuple hope to support other polyamorous relationships on their journey to finding love.

Sanny added: "Our plans for the future are helping other people who are polyamorous and don't know how to live their lives.

"We also want to increase our family and have more children.

"This isn't a fetish, there is love and respect there too."

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