Matt James Admits He Should’ve Had More ‘Clarifying’ Talks About Race On ‘The Bachelor’

Things didn’t go as planned after Matt James’ season of ‘The Bachelor,’ and in a ‘GMA’ interview, he reflected on what he could’ve done differently.

Matt James admittedly did not have the discussions about race that he should have with Rachael Kirkconnell and other white contestants on his season of The Bachelor. “I think that a lot of time spent during filming and having those conversations [about race] was amongst the women of color,” Matt admitted on Good Morning America. “I think we could’ve had those conversations amongst the white women who were there, as well. Hindsight is 20/20, but I probably should’ve asked more clarifying questions.”

Although Matt chose Rachael as his final pick during The Bachelor finale, he revealed that he broke up with her in mid-February amidst a racism controversy. Rachael was exposed for attending a plantation-themed party in college, and admittedly did not understand the racist nature of doing so at the time. Although she has taken accountability for her actions now, Matt was admittedly “frustrated” by her lack of understanding about what it meant to be Black in America.

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