Meet Panda! Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Introduce Their New Rescue Dog: 'Welcome to the Family'

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are proud parents of a new puppy!

On Saturday, the 38-year-old actress and the musician, 27, both shared that they adopted a dog, who they adorably named Panda.

The Quantico star introduced the puppy on Instagram, sharing a set of photos of the couple's new furry friend, while revealing that they adopted him a few weeks ago.

"Our new family portrait! Welcome to the family, Panda," Chopra Jonas captioned her post. "We adopted this little rescue (soon he won’t be so little) just a few weeks ago. We can’t be sure but he seems to be a Husky Australian Shepard mix…. and those eyes… and the ears!!! ❤️😍❤️🐼❤️🐶."

Jonas similarly shared the same set of photos and captioned his post, "Welcome to the family Panda! Panda is a Husky Australian Shepard mix rescue and we’re already in love ❤️."

The couple is already parents to two other dogs: Jonas' German Sheppard Gino and Chopra's dog Diana. Their new pooch was rescued from Hollywood Huskies, a nonprofit dog rescue for huskies and husky mixes saved from neglect, abuse and high-kill shelters in California.

Chopra revealed in the caption of her post that Diana wasn't around for the family's pic but they still included her through Photoshop, sharing, "BTW [Diana] wasn’t around for our little photoshoot, but we couldn’t leave our #1 girl out…so…we made it work!"

Like his new siblings, Panda also has his very own official Instagram account. "Waiting for fam to introduce me to the world… until then I’ll just lie here," one pic said while another that shows off Panda's stunning different colored eyes, reads, "Ssup World!? The name is Panda… Panda Chopra Jonas 😎."

Last November, Chopra surprised her husband with their German shepherd as an early anniversary gift and caught his reaction on camera.

In the video, Chopra films herself waking up her hubby, shaking him awake and saying "good morning" before picking up Gino to plop him onto the bed. "Who’s that?" she says to the pup as he excitedly paws at the "Jealous" singer.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's Love Story

The next month, Jonas opened up about how Gino was causing competition with Chopra’s pup during an appearance on The Late Late Show.

"We put both our dogs on Instagram and Diana’s been on Instagram for about a year and a half, and Gino, he doubled her followers in a day,” the "Sucker" singer joked. "She was not happy about that."

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