Meghan Markle’s friend Jessica Mulroney claps back at style critics

Jessica Mulroney has no plans to switch up her style.

Meghan Markle’s BFF and stylist, 39, took to social media Tuesday night to respond to a troll who criticized her for wearing a signature silhouette.

Mulroney shared a screenshot of a recent Instagram exchange she had with a commenter who wrote, “Oh my god, lose the bell bottom pants! So over used [sic] in your wardrobe. Gets tiresome.”

Responded the stylist, “Sorry. But I dress for myself. Not anyone else.”

Mulroney elaborated on the message in the post’s caption, revealing that “these types of silly messages flood my inbox daily.”

“When I style women, I find shapes that make them look and feel their best. Repetition is not bad,” she continued. “I work with real women of all shapes and sizes. I try to promote confidence within women through fashion. It is not about wearing all the silhouettes, it’s simply about what makes you feel good. Period.”

Mulroney’s husband Ben chimed in to support her in the comments: “Jessie, you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. You are a Queen and my hero. You are the greatest mother and an effing rockstar. You also happen to have the greatest fashion sense of any person I’ve ever met,” he wrote.

Other fans and friends, including fellow Markle pal Misha Nonoo, also showed their love for the Toronto native. “I love it and love that you wear what you want….one of the reasons I love following you is for your awesome style that is one of a kind,” one person said. “Omg gonna wear bellbottoms tomorrow just for her. Hope she finds meaning some day soon,” another wrote.

The stylish star has ben working as a fashion contributor on “Good Morning America” and recently announced a wedding-themed Netflix show.

Let’s hope she sends plenty of brides down the aisle in flared pants.

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