Mind-boggling optical illusion determines IQ score – only if you can work it out

A brain-bending optical illusion could determine your IQ score – if you can understand what's going on.

Black and white boxes appear stacked in rows on horizontal lines, but there's more to it.

Each box alternates between the two contrasting colours and their placement is uneven on top of one another.

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The way they are laid out can give the illusion the lines are almost bending curved.

But at a closer look, it's clear the lines balancing the squares are actually all horizontal.

The image was posted on Reddit, with the question: "Do you see diagonal lines?"

On the post, the user added: "They're all horizontal!"

We've seen similar optical illusions to this one in the past as the straight lines appear wonky.

The café wall illusion is named for its discovery in the tiles on the wall of a restaurant in Bristol.

These staggered "tiles" are perfectly parallel, but the "mortar" between the tiles should appear wonky and wobbly.

On another occasion, an image showing a frisky couple can reveal a lot about you.

Some people look at this drawing of a jar and see a couple in a sexual position.

But you take another glance, you might actually spot something else.

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