Model breaks down in tears after trolls accuse her of editing workout video

A fitness model was left in tears after being bombarded with negative comments from trolls saying she had edited her waist in a recent video.

Chloe Roberts shared a clip of her working out to Instagram but it soon found its way to account Celeb Spellcheck, which is dedicated to calling out influencers for questionable behavior.

Before long, hundreds of followers were wrongly accusing the Insta star of editing the snap.

They cruelly mocked her video, claiming she had used “body editing software”.

Chloe has now taken to her Instagram Stories to fiercely defend the allegations, explaining it was simply a glitch.

“I’m really upset, as someone’s trying to rip me down,” she said in floods of tears.

“It’s actually putting me in jeopardy here, as it’s something I’ve worked so bloody hard on.

“I literally take videos on my camera all the time. I can show you videos on my camera to prove to you that I never have ever edited my body. It puts my reputation in jeopardy.”

Chloe explained the issue occurred because of an iPhone 13 “glitch” which occurs when you “go out of ultra wide to not ultra wide”.

“So I’m really angry that people are thinking that’s the case,” she continued.

She even showed off her waist to the camera to “prove” the allegations were false.

Chloe has racked up more than 300,000 followers on her Instagram, where she posts body positive snaps and videos.

It comes after an influencer took pictures of her bum just seconds apart to make a point of how easy it is to change your appearance.

Georgie wanted to show how easy it is to manipulate your figure without making any effort at all.

Meanwhile, another model shared an “almost deleted” snap online to expose the reality of influencers’ bodies.

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