Mrs Hinch fans go wild for sparkling microwave hack that costs 21p

Mrs Hinch has a huge fan following for her cleaning hacks and tips that she often details on social media.

There are also Facebook groups dedicated to the influencer, 32, and users often share their favourite and cheap cleaning tips.

One such group is theMrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook pagewhere recently fans came together to discuss the best ways to give microwaves back their sparkle.

Dirt, grease and food often accumulate in microwaves and if they aren’t cleaned immediately after use the grime hardens and becomes harder to remove.

It's also important to clean microwaves regularly to avoid the build up of bacteria inside.

Users gave their best tips for cleaning the interiors using ingredients which can be found at home.

One wrote: “Lemon juice in water and put on high for a couple of minutes. Stains will wipe off.”

While another added: “I use lemon juice. It also leaves a lovely fresh smell afterwards.”

With a third stating: “Lemon in a bowl of water for five minutes.”

Lemon is a good natural cleaning agent due to its low pH and antibacterial properties that come from the citric acid.

Lemons also have a natural, pleasant smell and won’t damage materials around it – plus they’re cheap as noted by one commenter.

“I also use lemons, great 21p hack for sparkling microwaves. Seriously, lemons are your best friend when it comes to cleaning, they can be used for loads of different jobs.”

While another opted for using orange peel which contains d-limonene – a natural solvent – making it the perfect addition for a homemade citrus peel cleaner.

Recently fans of Mrs Hinch have been sharing plenty of cleaning tips and tricks online.

One in particular was a way to rid homes ofcreepy crawlies including spiders .

Members of the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group explained that using peppermint oil to clean floors and surfaces was a sure deterrent for spiders.

A theory behind this is because the eight legged insects dislike strong smells and tastes and peppermint is known for its strong odour.

When she isn’t sharing her cleaning hacks, Sophie has been taking her Instagram followers with her on her journey to renovate her Essex home .

Sophie is also mum to Ronnie, two, and Lennie, 11 months, who she shares with husband Jamie.

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