Mum fears for her extinct like dinosaurs name – and urges for its resurgence

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    A mum admitted that she is 'saddened' to find out her name is on the brink of extinction 'like dinosaurs'.

    Stacey Dennis,37, recently discovered that her first moniker is going out of fashion – and fast.

    Alongside once popular names like Lindsey and Kelly, the name Stacey is rapidly declining in being chosen for new-born babies.

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    After realising that 'Stacey' was on the list for zero registrations in the UK this year, the mum-of-one is eager to make her name in demand for tots again.

    Concerned about the future of her name, the parent has urged people to 'be more Stacey, be less Karen' to convince others to name their children after the dying moniker.

    However, Stacey was not always so fond of what her parents decided to call her as a baby as she struggled to find the likes of keyrings with her name on.

    But that certainly changed once she had reached adulthood with a 'unique' name – although it might be too uncommon for her own good now.

    "I like it now as an adult, I've gotten over myself, but as a kid, I didn't, just because it's not as popular", Stacey told The Mirror.

    "As an adult, I do, probably for the opposite reasons of why I didn't like it as a kid.

    "It sounds a bit classier than Tracey, I guess!"

    Stacey believes that her parents Steve and Shirley – another name becoming less popular – decided on her moniker to match her brothers names that also start with the letter 'S'. Apparently, she was almost called Shelley but this name went to a cousin.

    "I didn't think it was that bad!", the mum was first shocked when she found out that her name is in threat of 'extinction'.

    "I thought it was quite a nice name. I'm not surprised really at Barbie being on the list. But no Stacey's in a year, what's happening there?

    "I think we should start flying the flag for Staceys, maybe it's a campaign I'll have to do!"

    The graphic designer runs a business, Love Layla, which specialises in moniker themed products, and ironically, many 'Karen' inspired items.

    Living up to the 'Karen' stereotype, many Karen's have apparently filed complaints about the cheeky merchandise.

    Understanding that her name might not have much life in it, Stacey is even thinking of starting a hashtag with a campaign to 'not be a Karen, be a Stacey instead'.

    "I'm really sad to see Staceys are going the same way as the dinosaurs", the mum fretted.

    "I want to see 'bring back Stacey!

    "I want to see loads of people named Stacey next year!"


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