Mum mortified after science experiment goes viral for looking like a sex toy

A mum-of-two was left mortified when an innocent picture she took of a science experiment went viral – after social media users mistook it for a sex toy.

Emma Holmes shared a photo of a foamy substance caused by a chemical reaction.

The 29-year-old had conducted an experiment with her children causing a reaction using hydrogen peroxide, yeast, and warm water.

The reaction is dubbed ‘elephant’s toothpaste’ as it looks like foamy toothpaste being squeezed from a tube—but so big that it looks almost fit for an elephant.

But when Emma, a paralegal, shared the image to Twitter, she was bombarded with replies that it looked like a phallic sex toy.

Emma, who lives in Leeds with partner Ryan Potter and their children Harry, nine, and Isabelle, seven, said she was shocked by the reaction.

It quickly went viral with more than 10,000 retweets. One tweeter quipped: ‘Sorry but I saw dildos in the garden’ while another said: ‘I need my eyes tested’.

One user asked what she had used to make the explosion and Emma saw the funny side, replying: ‘Two tablespoons warm water, one teaspoon yeast, food colouring, hydrogen peroxide – either 3% or 6% dish soap, empty plastic bottle. Boom – homemade dildo looking mess.’

Emma joked that Twitter is a strange place for making the picture go viral.

She said: ‘I honestly didn’t see it at first, but now everyone has mentioned it, I can’t unsee it. Twitter has corrupted my mind.

‘It just so happened that we used red food colouring and it turned it pink which made it worse, if it wasn’t that colour it wouldn’t look so bad.’

The family has been shielding during lockdown as son Harry has asthma, so Emma has been homeschooling while Ryan works on a farm.

Emma, a paralegal, added: ‘I thought nobody wants to be stay inside doing English and maths when the weather is like this, so I decided to take them out and do something fun.’

She added: ‘I took the picture and posted it without checking it, I didn’t think anyone would mistake it for anything else.

‘But one innocent picture has gone worldwide. It has been mental. I have been tweeted by people all around the world.

‘I showed it to my dad and he was in fits of laughter. He was like “come on Emma, how did you not see it?”

‘I was just trying to do something fun for the kids, that will teach me to think in future.’

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