Mum shares hack to keep hob clean for a week – but is instantly branded lazy

Everyone has their own way of keeping things clean, however one mum has been branded "lazy" over a hack she uses.

The women revealed how she keeps her hob clean for an entire week, but it seems there weren't many people who were a fan of her method.

The Australian woman posted a photo of her hob in a cleaning Facebook group.

The photo showed how she puts a sheet of aluminium foil underneath the gas burners so she can cook without having to wipe away the mess each time.

"This is how I keep it for one week. So I don't have to clean every day," she wrote.

Despite some praising her tip, others were far from impressed.

"Yeah great, so it always looks ugly. It's the same deal when people keep plastic covers on their sofas," one woman posted.

While another wrote: "Why not just wash it after every use? Do you lay sheets on the floors as to avoid vacuuming and mopping?"

"Imagine being that lazy," a third mocked, as they sarcastically asked if she wraps her plates in cling wrap "so you don't have to wash them."

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Another admitted it would "kill (her) soul" having to look at it for an entire week.

While a further social media user pointed out: "Looks like more work than just wiping down sorry."

Another also said it was a "total waste of foil".

Others stuck up for the woman though, as one person wrote: ""I do the same! Don't listen to captain planets. Do whatever you need to do to get through."

"If it works for you, don't worry about what everyone else thinks," added another.

Meanwhile one cleaning hack that did go down a bit better recently was a dishwater trick shared by gran Barbara Costello that dries wet plates in minutes.

Some who tried it out said it "worked perfectly".

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