Mum who had nagging pain in her side on night out told she had stage 3 cancer

A 22-year-old mum has shared her shock after learning a "constant nagging pain" in her side turned out to be cancer.

At first doctors thought Danielle Davies was anaemic, and prescribed her with iron tablets, after it started on a night out.

But the pain persisted, leading her to suspect she had gall stones.

It was only when she ended up back in A&E that her mum told medics there was a history of bowel cancer, prompting tests to be carried out.

Danielle was told she had stage three bowel cancer, North Wales Live reports.

The care practitioner, from Wrexham, underwent surgery to have half her bowel removed as well as a tumour the size of a plum – and endured 12 weeks of chemotherapy.

Mum-of-one Danielle also had to have some of her eggs removed and frozen after being told it would be unlikely she would be able to have any more children naturally.   

She said: “I was out with friends in the January of last year and had a dull ache in my side which did not go away.

"Eventually I went to my GP who prescribed iron tablets as he thought I was anaemic.

“The problem was the pain just didn’t go away. It was just there, a constant dull nagging pain. 

“I was a lover of fast food but eating a takeaway meal often left me feeling really ill and in pain and at one point I could not get out of bed for a week.

“At this point I went back to the GP and it was suggested gall stones could be an issue. I was sent for a scan but that ruled gall stones out.

“The pain just got worse and I ended up back and forth to A&E. I’d been a few times but they could never find anything.

“My great-grandmother and grandfather both died from bowel cancer and I also had an uncle and cousin who had it too.

"As a result, I was sent for a colonoscopy examination. But I just knew I had cancer even though they thought I was too young. Apparently, bowel cancer is pretty uncommon in someone of my age."

Danielle was sent for a CT scan and told that her bowel was "rotten" and had to be removed.

Danielle added: "I also had some of my eggs removed and frozen as they told me it was unlikely I would be able to have any more children naturally.

“I had a lump the size of a plum removed and a few days later they called me back and told me I had stage three bowel cancer. I then had 12 weeks of chemotherapy but luckily didn’t lose my hair.

“But the chemo was the hardest thing I have ever done. It was horrible. I remember just crying begging them not to do it.

“I couldn’t look after my daughter Lillian who is three.

"I had to rely on my partner for help but I’m really independent. Luckily, I had my grandmother, Emma, to help me and she would look after Lillian for days at a time while I couldn’t get out of bed.

“The worse thing about the chemo was I couldn’t drink cold drinks, it felt like I was drinking glass and if I cried it was so painful. But I always knew there were people worse off than me.

“I’m far better off than some of those I have the pleasure of looking after, some residents here have complex brain injuries and need round the clock care.”

Danielle says she now wants to warn other young people that they should get any aches or pains treated as soon as possible and not take no for an answer.

She said: “I had so many trips to the GP and hospital I lost count. The issue was they just didn’t think someone my age would get bowel cancer. But I just knew. It’s just worth getting everything checked. I think it’s better to be safe than sorry."

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