Mum's 'no scrub' grout cleaning hack breaks the internet

Mum’s ‘no scrub’ grout cleaning hack will leave your bathroom tiles ‘good as new’ – without breaking a sweat

  •  A mum has revealed how she cleans her grout with an electric toothbrush
  •  Another swears by leaving cotton wool soaked in bleach on it overnight
  •  They both claim their cleaning methods require no scrubbing for great results

Two Australian mothers have shared their ‘scrub-free’ tricks for making bathroom grout look ‘good as new’ without breaking a sweat.

One mum demonstrated her method in a TikTok video, which shows her covering grubby grout in $6 Gumption before using an electric toothbrush to buff away dirt instead of scrubbing the lines by hand.

She then used a pressure sprayer to blast away grime.

One mum showed off her cleaning tip on TikTok, covering the grubby grout in gumption before using an electric toothbrush instead of manually scrubbing the filthy lines

The video, which has been viewed more than 350,000 times and racked up over 30,000 likes – has sparked some delighted responses, with comments such as ‘extra’ and ‘amazing’.

Meanwhile, a second mother shared a similar trick involving bleach and cotton wool in a cleaning group on Facebook. 

She soaks cotton wool in bleach and leaves it on the mouldy grout overnight, rinsing rinsing it away the following morning with warm water to reveal sparkling results.

The method, which can also be done with paper towel instead of cotton wool, has been hailed as ‘genius’ by busy mums.

Grout cleaning hacks have long been popular on social media – and there’s certainly no shortage of them. 

Recently a woman revealed how she transformed her grout with two bargain buys from Bunnings.

Posting images to a popular Facebook group, a woman named Kate said she used the $27 DTA Long Handled Grout Scrubbing Brush with $22 Long Life Grout Cleaner.

Posting images to a popular Facebook group, Kate said she used the DTA long handled grout scrubbing brush with the Long Life grout cleaner

‘I have taken ownership of quite a filthy house; testing the Bunnings grout cleaner and long handled brush,’ she wrote. 

Toilet cleaner and a hard bristled yard brush are the surprising secret to sparkling white tiles, another mother claimed.

Tired of staring at her grime-ridden grouting, the Perth woman tried scrubbing the blackened strips with $3 Harpic White and Shine and a $12 gardening broom from Bunnings.

In a matter of seconds, the floor looked as if it had just been laid without a trace of dirt left between tiles. 

A drop of toilet cleaner and a hard bristled yard brush transformed an Australian mother’s blackened grouting (left) sparkling clean (right) in seconds

Photos of the floor taken before and after the experiment, which have amassed almost 1,000 likes since they were shared in a cleaning group on Facebook, have drawn varied responses. 

Meanwhile a professional cleaner claims dishwashing liquid is the best thing to clean bathrooms.

A professional cleaner has advised you should avoid it all together as it does more harm than good and can end up ruining grouting and bathroom tiles. 

In the clips, Kacie explained that using bleach can ruin grouting and enamel and create long term problems including tiny holes that will crack and crumble

Kacie, from Melbourne, has shared a series of videos on TikTok revealing she uses washing up liquid for most household tasks including cleaning her shower, window and mirrors.

The cleaning blogger, who has gained more than 169,000 fans with her tips which she shares via The Big Clean Co, says the only thing bleach should be used for is cleaning the toilet.

Kacie even uses dishwashing liquid to mop her floors.

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