My boyfriend is with me for personality – I believe him as Ive got no bum

Putting personality over looks is a commonly debated topic in the dating scene.

However, one woman thinks that her boyfriend is not just trying to be modest.

Influencer Antonia Graham decided to "believe" her partner when he told her that he's with her for personality – not looks.

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The brunette stunner gained a large TikTok following from documenting her weight loss and 'relatable' anecdotes.

In a recent clip posted to her 426,000 fans, the slimmer rocked a nude coloured playsuit and scraped the hair back off her face.

As she showcased her natural beauty, Antonia leant forward and shared what her partner said.

"I'm with you for your personality", she wrote.

Antonia then stepped back and stood side-on as she revealed her figure.

"I believe you", she admitted.

"Thinking about the BBL(Brazilian butt lift) life."

Despite Antonia being doubtful about the reasonings as to why her boyfriend is with her, many fans fled to the comments to praise her beauty.

One person commented: "Omggg girl you look amazing."

Another user added: "Aha I can laugh because same."

While a third related: "We have the same body shape."

Someone else praised: "But you're beautiful look at your face."

Meanwhile, a fifth declared: "Nah you’re cute."

Although, Antonia is not the only woman whose bum caught the attention of those on TikTok.

Andrea shared that she had 'not butt' whereas her boyfriend had the 'fattest dump truck'.

In other bum news, the woman who wants the 'biggest booty in the world' candidly opened up about her love life.

She admitted that she gets a lot of attention from men but still struggles to find someone who wants to be with her – not just for her bum.

Vanessa Ataides told Closer: “I get a lot of attention from men – they go crazy after seeing the size of my bum, and I receive a lot of marriage proposals on social media.

“But it’s difficult to find a man who wants to be with me, not just my body. Many just want to show me off like a trophy.”


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