My wife has ballooned in size since we got married and I really don’t fancy her any more – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY wife was a gorgeous size 12 but she is probably twice that size now. I can’t be sure as she snips all the tags off her dresses.

We’ve been married for four years and I have talked to her about losing some weight, but I’m met with a stony silence.

She seems not to care about how she looks.

I still love her but I don’t really fancy her any more and it’s had a big impact on our sex life.

We are both 28 and surely we should be enjoying this time of our lives.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your wife is clearly unhappy about how she looks now and desperately needs your support.

Say how much you love her but tell her you’re worried she isn’t happy and ask how you can help. Suggest going to the gym or get into walking, running or cycling together.

Shop together for healthy food that you take it in turns to cook from fresh. My e-leaflet on Weight Worries explains.

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