People appear on TV news shows with the funniest – and most embarrassing – captions

SOMETIMES the local news is far too bizarre to clearly explain in short captions on the screen.

Naturally, certain channels' attempts often lead to some unintentionally humorous moments for the viewers watching at home.


Andy Warhol said that we all get our 15 minutes of fame, but would you want to be famous for this?

Here are the most embarrassing – and funniest – captions on the internet.

When the news shades you, and you were just trying to help

Talk about rubbing salt in the wound



Prince Charles climbs aboard HMS Middleton… as he sees funny side of ship's awkward name on Royal trip to Bahrain


Burglars raid home of Eric Morecambe's widow while 89-year-old was unveiling statue of funnyman in Blackpool


New portrait of The Queen likened to camp Little Britain funnyman


Sheridan Smith glows as she ends her run on the West End after suffering meltdown earlier this year

When you will do whatever it takes to win the lawnmower

Harvey Westmoreland claimed a fight over a lawnmower led to his beard being cut off and stuffed in his mouth before he was forced to eat itCredit: TNI PRESS LTD

We've all had those days Gerald…

This is Gerald. He is one angry guyCredit: TNI PRESS LTD

Well, it is 2016…

Yup, Michael Newman is still alive, folksCredit: TNI PRESS LTD

Peanut butter and jam mixed together is an abomination to be fair

One school in Portland, USA, is arguing the sandwich combination has broader implications about raceCredit: TNI PRESS LTD

And we bet North West thinks her name is odd…

Let's hope for his sake he didn't Doo-Doo the crimeCredit: TNI PRESS LTD

Sure it was Marilyn…

'It was this big!'Credit: TNI PRESS LTD

The dude does have sweet, sweet hair

His bonce was the mane eventCredit: TNI PRESS LTD

Last week we reported how the Prince of Wales had a ship-shape chuckle or two after clocking he was climbing the gangplank of ship named after Kate’s maiden name.

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