People are just realising what P on Royal Mail letters means

Dog owners have been left stressing after their Royal Mail post arrived with a "P" scribbled across it.

Many homeowners were concerned the letter actually had something to do with the safety of their pets.

One Reddit user wrote: "It's what thieves use to mark your house to let you know you have expensive dogs."

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Meanwhile another joked: "Very subtle Worldle clue – takes five days then you just rearrange them. Never right."

But it turns out dog owners don't have to be worried as it has nothing to do with criminal markings.

In fact, the "P" signifies your postal worker had done their job correctly and efficiently.

Making the fact known, a postal worker on Reddit revealed the "P" helps them and their colleagues track when there are parcels coming.

They wrote: "You had a packet/parcel. Stops us from forgetting about it!"

Another postal worker added: "It's the postie's way of reminding themselves that when they come to post your letter there's also a parcel for you."

They continued: "That's so they don't post your letter then find out halfway down the street they forgot to knock and give you your parcel.

"Or sometimes they'll write P10 or something on the previous letter – that lets them know they have a parcel for next door (number 10) but no letter."

If you are concerned of your pet's safety, the RSPCA shared advice on how owners can protect their cats and dogs from theft.

A statement read: "It's heartbreaking when a loved family pet is stolen. If there have been reports of pets being stolen in your area, our advice would be don't panic, but it is wise to be extra careful."

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