People share funny stories about mortifying things their mothers did

The mother of all embarassments! Hilarious snaps reveal the toe-curling times parents’ antics have left their offspring cringing

  • Parental Influence rounded up embarrassing things mothers did to their kids
  • Their cringey acts left their offspring from the UK and North America blushing
  • One parent put out a supermarket call for her lost son – who was 30 at the time
  • Another mistook her son’s girlfriend’s Covid face mask for her underwear

Many of us have been embarrassed by a family member at least once during our lifetimes. 

So you’ll no doubt sympathise with the people with mothers who act first and think about the consequences for their red-faced offspring later. 

Parental Influence has rounded up some of the funniest tales from people from the UK and North America – including one where a mother turned up to her son’s punk band gig wearing her smartest clothes.

Another bought a customised cake for her son’s birthday – featuring an extremely unexpected message.

Here FEMAIL reveals some of the most awkward things matriarchs have done that embarrassed their children.

This woman showed just how important her tomatoes are, taking extreme measures to save her beloved crop from a cat. Her child managed to catch a snap of their mum’s over reaction

It was an American parent who was embarrassed in this story – when she spotted what she thought was her son’s girlfriend’s underwear on her table. Luckily it was just a face mask

Not lonsesome tonight! Lots of families like to spend quality time together, but this mother from the US took it to a whole new level when she secretly booked an Elvis impersonator to their home for the evening 

A squishy surprise: This daughter from the US was left unimpressed by her mother’s attempts at pranking her by leaving her banana in her boot. The timing was off – and so was the fruit by the time it was discovered

Employee of the month! This hospitality worker was reportedly working in her mother’s cafe over the summer – and this was the t-shirt she had to wear as a uniform

Maybe this mother from the UK couldn’t spell ‘colonoscopy’ – or maybe she took just a small amount of pleasure in penning this crude note for her kids

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At least it’s creative! One mother from the US got fed up with being mocked and decided to adjust her interior decor accordingly 

The clue is in the name! One mother from the US gave the game away completely while preparing their Secret Santa gift 

A little bit TOO caring: One 35-year-old man does not appreciate being checked up on, or being referred to as ‘pumk’n’ 

This parent from Gosport, Hampshire, not only caused a stink in a lift by passing wind, but also failed to take responsibility, letting some strangers take the blame

It’s a parent’s nightmare – turning their back for a second and losing their child in a supermarket. But most mums won’t put out a call for their grown-up lost kid

It’s always sweet when parents take pride in their children’s endeavours. Except for when they embarrass them – like this woman who turned up to her son’s punk gig in formal wear

The older generation are often less than savvy when it comes to tech. That was certainly the case for this mother from the US who accidentally printed out a tiny copy of her divorce papers on stickers

There were blushes on everyone’s cheeks when this woman from the UK made a very loud noise when passing wind – and her son plus his university friends heard it 

That takes the cake! There was very little warm maternal sentiment in the unexpected iced message on this birthday treat from a mother in the US. It says ‘Dave sucks’

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