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MOTORISTS are feeling the pressure at the pumps as fuel prices climb.

Short supply and soaring demand has been blamed as wholesale prices quickly creep up – and it's leaving drivers scrambling to find the cheapest fuel.

They can do that by shopping around though.

It's always worth a look at comparing prices, and heading to the cheapest competitor to make a saving.

The only problem when it comes to fuel, is that you need enough of it in the first place to travel further afield for the best costs.

It doesn't help that prices are continuing to soar.


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There's even fears prices will hit a whopping £2 per litre this summer.

That's after latest figures show that the average price of a litre of petrol met a record-breaking 175.6p just this week.

It just adds to the pressure households are already facing from rising energy bills and the increased cost of living that is also pushing up the price of food and travel.

But motorists will find that many of the cheapest prices can be spotted on the supermarket forecourts.

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Brands such as Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons look to tempt drivers to fill up as they shop.

They've even run promotions in the past to get shoppers to pick up the pumps – Morrisons offered customers 7p off every litre of fuel if they spent £40 in store, earlier this year.

But you don't have to drive around aimlessly looking for the cheapest deals – there are a range of websites and apps that will tell you nearby fuel prices based on where you live.

Fleet News and Allstar lets you to check petrol prices across the counties so you can see how your region compares to the UK average.

The PetrolPrices app and website lets you check prices from more than 8,000 forecourts near you and using data provided by the public.

Comparison website also has a petrol prices checker that lets registered users find petrol prices within a five, 10 or 25mile radius.

The Sun used's petrol price comparison to look at petrol prices in six of the most populated postcode areas of the UK.

They include: Croydon, Leicester, Waltham Forest, Brighton, Brent, and Coventry.

Supermarket forecourts in the areas regularly rank as the cheapest places for petrol too.

In some cases there can be differences of around 6p per litre between petrol stations within a few miles of eachother.

That may not sound like a lot but if you filled a 50litre tank each week it would amount to a difference of £3.

And that £3 saving would be worth £12 by the end of the month and £144 over a year.

Here are the cheapest petrol prices we found in the highly populated postcodes.


Using the petrol price comparison tool, our research analysed petrol prices at forecourts near the centre of Croydon within a five mile radius.

We found an Asda around 1.3 miles from the centre that was cheapest at 171.7p per litre.

Only 0.7 miles from the centre though, a Sainsbury's was offering 171.9p in contrast – so motorists could save 0.2p a litre fuelling up a bit further away.


Residents in Leicester can get comparatively cheap petrol from Asda 1.3 miles from the centre of the city, at 166.7p.

That makes fuelling up a 50 litre car, £83.35.

Another Asda 3.2 miles away costs an extra 2p a litre.

Waltham Forest

Asda trumped the other supermarkets once again in Waltham Forest.

A store 2.4 miles away from the centre boasted prices of just 169.7p.

Meanwhile, store rival, Tesco, another 4.4 miles away was 0.2p pricier was 169.9p.


In Brighton, even the cheapest fuel prices were steeper than most.

Another Asda, just 1.6 miles away from the town centre and beach front, cost 171.7p.

It cost the same price from another of the supermarket's forecourts further in land though – an Asda 3.4 miles away from the centre costs 171.7p too.


Two miles away from the centre of Brent, petrol prices cost just 165.7p.

That made an Asda forecourt 3.2p cheaper than a neighbouring Sainsbury's – costing drivers 168.9p.


An Asda 1.5 miles away from the centre of Coventry cost 169.7p for petrol.

The next cheapest supermarket was a Morrisons just one mile from the centre of the city.

That costs shoppers 170.7p though.

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